Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it, it's already 2011!
I hope that the new year brings you all love, health and happiness - and I also want to thank you for following and reading my blog. It means the world to me ;)

I took those pictures this evening, at twelve o'clock. Some of those fireworks were ours, others were my neighbour's. Icelanders are big fans of fireworks, and about 00:15, the air is always thick with smoke and has the pink and green colours of fireworks. It's truly amazing :)
Enjoy the pics, and have the greatest year!

This one was ours - it's so pretty, pink and green :)

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this one - those are hugely popular here, and everybody loves them, kids, adults and elderly alike. I held the one pictured :) I don't know what you call them in English (if you know, I'd love to hear it in the comments ;), but a direct translation from Icelandic would be "starlight". I love those, to me they mean that I have a whole new year ahead of me, full of wonderful opportunities!
Love, Miss Diorista
P.S. Stay tuned for my New Year's Resolutions - I'll post them tomorrow!

Winter skincare

Taking care of your skin is always important, but especially so in winter. Cold weather, rain, snow, wind, the heating in your apartment... it all comes together at dragging your skin down. But do not despair! Treat your skin right, and it will thank you a thousand times!

First off, exfoliate. You don't want to look flaky! Most people exfoliate about 2-4 times a month.
Always use a good moisturizer that suits your skintype. If you apply moisturizer in the mornings, try one that has SPF in it. Using sunscreen every day is very important, also in winter. If your moisturizer doesn't have SPF, then pick a foundation which does, or wear sunscreen underneath your makeup. My moisturizer, Dior HydrAction Visible Defense, has SPF 20.
A quick tip: The packaging that many moisturizers come in is big and heavy, including mine. I bought some small pots which each hold 10ml, and then scooped a bit of the moisturizer into it. It's so much easier to travel with your moisturizer when it is so small!

Remember to use good eyecream. This is very important. Since I'm still young, I don't use one with "effective ingredients", but instead I use a moisturizing one with aloe vera, from The Body Shop.
A quick tip: For an extra refreshment, which also helps relieve puffiness, store your eyecream in the refrigerator between uses!

Dry and flaky lips are not attractive at all. Not to mention that applying lipstick on that kind of thing is a nightmare. So, number one: Exfoliate! You can buy really great lip exfoliators, but I fell in love with the one by YSL a few years ago, and have been using that one ever since (check out my review here).
Make your own lip exfoliator: Mix a bit of olive oil with a bit of sugar, until you have a grainy paste. Rub it on your lips, leave it on for about five minutes (longer if you have time and want seriously soft lips!) and then wash the scrub thoroughly away with water.

And second, moisturize your lips by using a good lipbalm. I love lipbalms by Origins (bonus: they last forever) but many companies make great ones.

Yes, you should also exfoliate your hands. I haven't seen a whole lot of handscrubs around, but one that I use, love and can deffinitely recommend is the "Butterfly kisses" by Alessandrio. It is scented with grapefruit and mint, and leaves your hands soft and refreshed.
Use a good lotion on your hands. In winter, my hands get very dry, so I use my Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop every night before I go to sleep. You might want to use something a little lighter, though, if your hands don't get seriously dry.
Also, take good care of your cuticles and nails. This "Cuticare Nourishing Pen" by Alessandrio does a wonderful job at moisturizing even the driest cuticles.
Finally, don't forget to take good care of your whole body. Once again, the steps are two and they are simple: Exfoliate, and moisturize! The two products pictured above, I got for Christmas. I love both of them. They are by The Body Shop, and the scent is "Wild Cherry". I hadn't tried it before, but I do really like it. I also love Vanilla and Coconut, try them out :)

In winter, I switch from body lotion to body butter, since the butter type offers deeper moisture. The Body Shop offers a great range of body butters (and lotions), I love trying out new scents.

Dry elbows? Try rubbing them with a bit of lemon juice! The lemon juice actually helps soften the dry skin and remove dead skincells. Afterwards, you can use a few drops of olive oil to soften them even more. (Of course, if your elbows are cracked, then you should not use lemon juice on them.)

That's it! Know any good skin tricks that I left out? Please tell us in the comments!

Love, Miss Diorista.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I got for Christmas - Cosmetics

This is the last part of the "What I got for Christmas". The other two were about kitchen supplies, and products I got from the Tartan Tale collection. Check them out :)

I was really excited to get those products from L'Occitane, since I hadn't tried out their makeup yet. The lipgloss is gorgeous, perfect for holidays, since it's so red and shimmery!
I also really love those face pearls. They have three colours, and create a beautiful glow.
The last thing is a green eyeliner... I'm not quite so keen on this one, since I don't find it soft enough, but I have to try it out a bit better before I give a conclude opinion...
Those three products from Dior came together in a "kit". These are the Diorshow mascara (black), an eye-makeup remover (the kind that you have to shake up before you use it) and a black eyeliner (not completely full size).

Yay, I finally got the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter! It is absolutely beautiful :)
And I also got the Diorskin Nude foundation - it is amazing. Love it.
The three brushes you see are MAC 188 (the shorter version), MAC 275 and MAC 139. These are all amazing, don't think I have to tell you that!
That Lancome blush is so pretty. I hate that the overspray will go away, though, so I still haven't used it!
Don't you just love that eyeshadow trio? It's by Shisheido, in the colour "Tropical", and oh my, the pigmentation!
Finally, the lipstick is by The Body Shop, and it is a beautiful pink colour (shade 73). It feels very moisturizing.

A close-up of the Lancome blush. So pretty :)
A big thank-you to all of those who thought so kindly of me - I love you guys ;)
Miss Diorista

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some quick changes!

This is just a quick post to let you all know about some changes that I've made on Miss Diorista, just in order to make a little bit more professional. (Don't worry, you won't lose any of the character, though :)

The changes are two:

I made a rating system for the blog, so that you can better understand my reviews. It will also be easier to compare products when I have something rigid to stick to.

Also, I made a "Contact Miss Diorista" page. There you can find all information about my e-mail, twitter and such things. Of course, I still really enjoy reading your comments so please keep commenting!

You can find those pages under "Pages" to the right. Check them out :)

Love, Miss Diorista

MAC - A Tartan Tale 2!

I actually got those for Christmas! So that makes this the second part of the "What I got for Christmas" (there is one part left :). You can check out the first part here. Enjoy!
Above to the left, you see a lip kit, Happily Ever After. It is so pretty!
And above to the right, you see a face kit, Hark the Heraldry. Now on to the picture below :)

First up is the Happily Ever After lip kit. It contains three colours, one lipgloss (to the left) and two lipsticks. All of them are very pretty, and I love to just throw this in my purse for quick touch-ups (I especially love the middle one!).

Then you can see Hark the Heraldry face kit. It has three products, just like the lip kit. The one to the left is actually Oh So Fair, which came out with the Venomous Villains Collection. I didn't get it then, so I'm very happy to get the chance to try it out now! The face kit also contains Dame, and Plum Foolery, both of which are really pretty.

The blush you see is Her Highland Honey, which is a gorgeous peachy shade. On the picture it looks brown, but in real life it really is not. I love it! It definitely looks very natural on my skintone, which I never would have expected.

And finally, the plaid eyeshadow! Isn't it so pretty? The colour is Enviably Fun, which, as you can see, is an absolutely beautiful green. The darker shade in there can actually be used as eyeliner. Works wonders :)

So that is it! Please stay tuned for part three of the "What I got for Christmas" :)

Love, Miss Diorista

My Favourite Products of 2010!

Can you believe it? The year 2010 is almost over. I feel like it was New Year's Eve just yesterday... yet the whole year has passed!
But, that of course means, that it is time for a quick summery of the year, that is, the cosmetics of the year :) Enjoy!

First up, you see my most used perfume this year. It is the Miss Dior Chérie, by Dior, in the Eau de Printemps version. It is rather light, floral but sophisticated at the same time. I love this perfume.

In the upper row, from the left, you see the Tri Brow Color by the Make Up Store. This is HG for my eyebrows, I will do a separate post on it.
The lighter e/s is Eye Colour in shade 41 by The Body Shop. It is very smooth and pigmented, a shimmery golden, beige colour. Goes great over Rubenesque paintpot, which is what I have been using it for (mostly). The other e/s you see is MAC Satin Taupe, which is what I have then been using in the crease.
I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the Voluminous mascara by L'Oréal. If not, then you need to try it :) It is absolutely amazing if you're looking for way blacker than black, long lashes.
And the brush you see is MAC's 275. I actually got this one for Christmas, but I'm already in love with it. This brush makes shading a breeze!

The lippie is by YSL, it is a Rouge Volupté in shade 29, called Opera Rose. This is a brilliantly creamy lipstick, but the shade is also right up my alley. Bright, yet not too bright.
The lipgloss is by L'Oréal, it is one of their 6H Glam Shine ones. Mine is in colour number 103, called Forever Nude. It is basically a nude colour, with a hint of pink and it's fair share of shimmer. Pretty by itself but gorgeous over almost any lipstick!
And finally, products that have made my skin purr :) Well, almost. The powder (which you can tell is a lover!) is Hello Flawless by Benefit. Mine is in the colour Gee I'm swell, shell. It's a little too dark for me, but I can still make it work. Wonderful powder foundation.
Next to that is the Amber Diamond highlighter by Dior. I got it for Christmas, and didn't fall in love with it until yesterday (the trick is to use a blush brush for it!)... but I fell so hard that I decided to include it here. Really gives you a gorgeous, subtle glow.
The blush is MAC's Springsheen. It is a sheertone shimmer, and creates beautifully glowy (I'm in love with anything that glows!) cheeks.
Last but not least, the Dior Airflash foundation (mine is in shade 200). I actually never spray this on my face. I rather spray it on the back of my hand, and then use a brush or my fingers for applying it. This gives me just the right coverage, not too light and not too heavy, and I can't feel that I'm wearing foundation at all.
That completes it! I hope you liked it. What were your most-reached-for products this year? Please tell me in the comments!
Love, Miss Diorista
P.S. Looking for a review on any of those? Let me know!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cute baking supplies!

This is the "kitchen" part of the "What I got for Christmas". Yes, those were Christmas gifts that I got. People are picking up on the fact that I like to bake :)
So let's start with the Wilton products, shall we?

The big red and green thing that you can see in the background is actually a bite size gingerbread boy mold! How fun! The pan holds 24 gingerbread boys, and you can use it for anything from cake to ice cream. It is made of silicone, so getting your baked (or frozen!) goodies out is easy peasy. Also, the "boys" can be decorated in any way, so the use of this pan is not limited to the holidays. They can for example be served at children's parties, or as a fun snack!
And of course, the cupcake/muffin cases kind of explain themselves. I love them, so cute! I also really love the mini one, I love baking minis!
(You can get all of those items from, I do not profit from the sales in any way.)

Now, I believe those two items come from (or at least, that is what their tags said. I do not profit from sales in any way). How happy can one baker feel, measuring her sugar in those heart-shaped baking spoons?! And the mushroom cupcake cases are beyond beautiful.

I can't wait to bake something with those pretty things, I'll probably post something soon, so stay tuned :)

Love, Miss Diorista

Monday, December 27, 2010

Candy Cane Bark!

Again, something I didn't find the time to do before Christmas... candy cane bark! There is something so oddly comforting about cuddling up in a huge winter-y sweater on your couch, reading a book and eating a huge peace of candy cane bark. Anyone got the munchies? Read on!

Candy Cane Bark

200 gr chocolate (milk, dark... just pick your fave)
200 gr white chocolate
Crushed up candy canes (I used four of them)

First, melt the regular chocolate, and spread it out on a baking plate, covered with baking paper. Save about two, three teaspoons of the chocolate for later!

Melt the white chocolate, pour it over the regular chocolate. Blend out wiht a fork. You could stop right here, put it in the freezer/refrigerator, break it up into peaces and wrap it up, for a very elegant gift. But we will carry on!

Now, spread the crushed up candy canes over the chocolate. Afterwards, drizzle over all that goodness what is left of the regular chocolate.
Now, put your bark in the freezer/refrigerator (I prefer the refrigerator... maybe just because there is no space in my freezer :). Let it sit there for a few hours. When the bark is ready, you can break it up in peaces. So pretty... and so yummy! Enjoy ;)
Love, Miss Diorista

OPI - Diva of Geneva

This gorgeous nail polish came out with the Swiss collection some weeks ago. I actually loved that collection, so beautiful!
This polish, Diva of Geneva, is completely amazing. It is a very deep, shimmery colour, and it is so many colours in one! Red, berry, blue, purple... It's all of those colours.
I used two coats to get that completely opaque, deep colour, but you might actually prefer just one coat, which gives you way more berry-tone to things.
The formula is just like all the other OPIs that I've tried, not too thick, not too thin. Just completely right.

This picture is blurry, and I'm so sorry (I need to get myself a better camera!), but you can still see the beautiful colour of the polish.

Love, Miss Diorista

P.S. Any recommendations for some glammy polishes for New Year's Eve? I'm thinking sparkling blue!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chocolate and licorice cookies!

I was super busy the last few days before Christmas, so I'm actually doing my Christmas baking now :) I really want to share this delicious recipe with you. It is very sugary, chocolatey and licorice-y... if that's a word! I made one batch, and half an hour later, it was gone. Needless to say, I quickly whipped up another batch - those are really quick to make, only about 30 minutes from the beginning to the end! Have fun baking :)

Chocolate and licorice cookies

3 egg whites
200 gr brown sugar
150 gr milk chocolate, chopped
300 gr shredded, chocolate coated licorice (Can't find it? Just chop some regular licorice)

Heat up your oven to 170°C or 340°F.

Whip together the egg whites and the brown sugar until light beige in colour and fluffy in texture. It should look something like this:

Now, remove your bowl from the mixer, and with a spatula (I got a red one for Christmas :), carefully fold in the licorice and the chocolate. Mix it as little as you can, you don't want to lose any of the air that you just whipped in the dough.

Doesn't it look yummy? When your dough is ready, place a sheet of parchment paper on a baking plate. Make cookies; about one heaped teaspoon makes one cookie - don't forget that those grow quite big in baking, so leave some space between them.

Bake for about 10 to 12 minutes for chewy cookies - longer if you want them crispy (I prefer them chewy :)


Love, Miss Diorista

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!

It's just a quick post to wish you all a very happy and merry Christmas (or whatever holiday that you celebrate).

Some posts are on the way, including some very easy cookies that you can make with your family - even the youngest ones can help you with those and have great fun while they're at it!

With my best season's greetings,
Miss Diorista

Monday, December 20, 2010

Make Up Store - A "Red" Haul!

Have you seen xsparkage's video where she does the candy cane look? If not, then you need to go and see it... I completely fell in love with it, so cute! I really wanted to recreate it, but since I didn't have a red eyeliner, red glitter or a red eyeshadow... I went and bought them :)

My shop of choice was Make Up Store, simply because it had been a while since I last shopped there, and also because they usually have a wide variety of colours. I mean, this has to be the only red eyeliner I have ever seen! I love how they wrap everything up for you - it makes me feel so pampered when I start unwrapping it at home!

The red eyeliner. It is called Very Berry, and is actually usable on its own, as a fun pop of colour. My eyes are of a blue/grey kind of a colour (you can see my eyes here if you're interested!), and this really makes them pop. So I won't only be using it for Christmas :)

The red glitter, called Poison. I love the packaging of it, when you first open it, you have to open a second lid to actually get the product out. Makes it save to travel with, as well as makeup bag friendly.

I also really like how the opening is only wide enough for a small to medium brush to get in there - if you drop it, not all of your glitter will fall out.

Since they were sold out on the eyeshadow that I wanted, I decided to buy this blush called Frozen Daiquiri. How fun is that name :) It is a gorgeous shimmery colour, similar to MAC's Bite of an Apple (check out my swatch here) except that this one is shimmery and way more pigmented. Maybe it has a hint more red to it, too. About the shimmer, I would say that it was kind of a cross between a satin and a sheertone shimmer. Not so shimmery as the latter, but a little more than a satin. Quite nice, and I love the packaging.

Some swatches for you! Unfortunately, I didn't have my usual lighting, so it is a little bit blurry, but the colours are about right. Kind of explains it self, but for reference: Very Berry eyeliner on top, and below are Frozen Daiquiri blush (left) and Poison glitter (right).

I will show you some pictures when I do the candy cane look, so stay tuned!


Miss Diorista

Getting to Know Me from a Blog Award

First of all thank you so much, Hebridean Sprite, for tagging me to do this fun tag! It means a lot to me :)

1) Why did you create the blog?
Well, I had fallen in love with so many amazing beauty blogs, as well as beauty channels on YouTube, and had been reading and watching them for some time, when I realized that maybe someone would like to read what I have to say, too. Also, taking part in the online beauty community is just a truly amazing experience.

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mainly beauty blogs, but I also have one that covers interior designing... I would love to add to my list of "blogs to follow", though, so any suggestions would be well appreciated!

3) Do you have a favourite makeup brand?
*smile* Yes. Dior :)

4) A favourite clothing brand?
Hmm... I'm not very strict about where my clothes come from, as long as they fit me and my style... I don't think there is one clothing brand that I would choose over the other.

5) What makeup products are essential for you?
Concealer (if I had little sleep, that is), powder foundation, blush, mascara, lip stick.
I usually wear powder foundation for everyday use, since it's quicker than a liquid one and I don't need that much coverage. Blush is a must for me, and so is lip stick. I could maybe skip mascara... but I love it too much :)

6) What's your favourite colour?
Green. All shades of green, from light green, to mint green, moss green and all the way over to dark green. It used to be purple, then it became blue, and now it is green. Green makes me so happy!

7) What's your favourite perfume?
It's a tie between Dolce and Gabbana's perfume, the one with the red cap on it, and Dior's Miss Dior.

8) What's the film you like the most?
I'm really not someone who only watches romantic movies, or only horror movies, or only this or only that... I enjoy most kind of movies, so that makes it hard for me to pick just one... But I have to admit that one of my favourites is The Guardian from 2006, starring, amongst others, Kevin Costner. This is a heart-breaking and heart-warming tale of a young man who joins the coast guard, and an older man who trains him and teaches him some hard lessons about life and love. Really something you should see.

9) What countries would you like to go to?
So many! To name a few: Italy, especially Rome after having learned so much about the ancient Roman Empire. Also France (Paris and the countryside!), as well as exploring Germany better... and I'd love to go to Scotland again!

Again, thank you so much, Hebridean Sprite, for tagging me! I tag... drumrolls please...

Matryoshka Doll Beauty and Starberry Sugar!

Miss Diorista

Falsies Mascara by Maybelline

I bought the Colossal Volum' Express Mascara by Maybelline last summer (see my haul here), and yes, I liked it, no, I did not love it. However, I still wanted to try the new Falsies Mascara by Maybelline, since I was interested in knowing what that curved brush would do. So let´s dive into it, shall we?
I got my mascara in the colour "Glam Black", which should simply be called "Grey". It is not black, let me tell you that. You can see on the picture, how the brush is slightly bent, kind of like a spoon. I do like this mascara, and it is particularly because of the shape of the brush. Since I don't like to curl my eyelashes, then this is just the thing I need to form my lashes beautifully.
However, I can not wear this mascara alone; I wear it as a base. One coat of this, which lengthens my lashes, forms them and keeps them from clumping; then one (or two) coats of my L'Oréal Voluminous in Carbon Black, which gives me even more length, volume and last but not least, it gives me the true black colour that I'm after.
Take a look at those pictures!

Top pic: No mascara

One coat of Maybelline's Falsies (in Glam Black) ... and on top, one coat of L'Oréal Voluminous!

Yes, I know those pictures are a bit blurry (my camera is not really on my side those days) and the position of my eyes is a teeny tiny bit scary (I was trying to look up for you guys so that you could see my lashes better), but even so, you should be able to see the amazing difference from picture one to picture three, or even just from number two to number three!
My lashes look a bit spiderleg-ishy on picture number two, due to the length that the Falsies give me. But on number three, they are exactly what I want - incredibly long, thick and black.
No, the Falsies won't make your lashes look like they're fake - sorry. But it's a very good "primer"!
Miss Diorista
P.S. Have you tried either one of those? Tell me in the comments!

Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri in Blue Streak

I recently bought this Insta-Dri (why not Insta-Dry?) in shade number 12, called Blue Streak. It is a gorgeous, oh-my-goodness pretty polish, a teal colour with tons of shimmer (not glitter). Isn't that just beautiful? My camera was unable to capture its full beauty, but you can still see how amazing it is.

I needed about two coats to get it opaque, but you might maybe want three, since it is a bit runny (nothing I can't live with, though). To my pleasure, it was not a pain to get off with nail polish remover. On the pictures I have no top coat on, and no base coat (though I later added a top coat by Dior).

After about five minutes, I felt comfortable touching my nails, so that is of course a rather short time, so if you're in a hurry, I would definitely go for this formula.

At first, I didn't like how big the brush is, compared to the classic OPI brush, but after about two or three nails, I actually began liking it. You have to be careful, though, since the brush can deliver way too much polish.

Here you can see the difference between an OPI brush (left) and the Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri brush (right). The SH one is also a lot longer, as you can see.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this nail polish, the colour is adorable (I've been getting comments on it from everyone!) and the formula is good, too. I will definitely try out more shades from the Insta-Dri collection.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shiny, healthy hair for the Holidays!

I have been on the lookout for some great hair products to make my hair shiny and glossy... well, isn't shiny and glossy hair every girls's dream? So after trying out a few products, I finally found something that actually works and gives me exactly what I'm looking for, every single time!

First up, shampoo and conditioner. I am in love with this. It is by John Frieda, from their Brilliant Brunette line, and I got mine in "Chocolate to Espresso". From that, you can obviously tell that I am a brunette, but they also have "Sheer Blonde" and "Radiant Red", so you should be able to find something for your hair colour there. On the tube, it says that this pair both moisturizes, as well as giving you multi-dimensional brunette shine (or blonde, or red, whichever your hair colour is). They also have a pair which says "Enhancing" instead of "Moisturizing", which I have already bought and will try once I run out of the pictured ones.

Yes, they moisturize. Yes, they give you multi-dimensional shine. My hair looks really alive, smells great and seems to have more shades of brown than it had before. This is a pure win. Now, I have to state though, that those do not colour or stain your hair. They don't make your hair any more brown than it is before. It simply takes your hair and adds shine to it, by use of some special "light enhancers". Well, whatever it does, it's working.

So you've got your hair clean, moisturized and shiny. Ready to take it to the next level of shine and glamour? Follow me ;)

Meet the "Glosser" from Toni&Guy. He is prepared to save your life, any day, any time.

I got mine in the "Glosser for all Brunettes" version, they also have one for blondes. I can't find one for red hair (my Flash player is outdated, so their homepage is giving me trouble), but since the brunette one has kind of a reddish undertone to it, you might even be able to use it, if you use just a little. Notice the emphasize on "might", though :)

This is a bronzy, pearly product, and it has a gel-like consistency. I wait until my hair is dry, use a pea-sized amount on a teasing comb, and then I comb it through my hair. Be sure not to use to much, I find that about four "peas" make the right amount for my very thick and rather long hair.
The glosser gives my hair amazing shine, multi-dimensional and just pure, real shine. Only thing you might possibly object to, is that it does have tiny sparkles in it. Now when I say tiny, I really mean tiny. I had to bring my hair under strong light, fetch my glasses and then, after a few minutes of examining my hair, I could see the sparkles, faintly :) This is not something you notice. What you see is just amazing shine.

Here, you have the Glosser for Brunettes. As you can see, it is quite bronzy, but once spread out a bit (on the right), it becomes almost clear (though you can notice a slightly bronzy shade there). The Glosser comes with a really good pump, and the amount you get is 50 ml, or 1.69 US Fl. OZ.
Miss Diorista

MAC - A Tartan Tale!

I gave in... and decided that waiting and hoping for one of the Santas (read about the Icelandic Santas here!) to bring me something from the Tartan Tale collection was not a risk I was willing to take! So I went there yesterday, and although I did want both blushes, a face kit, all of the plaid eyeshadows... then I picked out those three things. Let's take a look!

I love that plaid box! It is made out of tin, and has four "small" jars of pigments, and one of glitter (each one holds 2.5 grams, or 0.09 US OZ). They have three types of these pigment boxes, a smokey one, a cool one, and a warm one. I wanted both the smokey and warm ones, but ended up buying the warm one.
The blush you see is Her Blooming Cheek. It is the brightest blush I own, but I'm wearing it today and I love it! If you can get your hands on it, go get it!
Finally, I got one pigment in full size, Moonlight Night. I actually saw some swatches a long time ago (I think over at Hebridean Sprite) and fell in love, so I had to get it. It is sold out online, but I could still get it at my MAC counter. It is a gorgeous dark, dark blue (almost black) colour, with blue-ish sparkles. Looking at it, literally feels like gazing at the starry sky.

I love the Scotland-inspired MAC logo on there!

Left to right: Reflects Bronze (glitter), Gift O' Glamour, Gilded Green, Gold Mode, Most Darling.
That green star in the middle is actually why I chose the warm box over the smokey one, it is a gorgeous minty green with shimmer!

Some swatches! Of course, on top is Moonlight Night pigment. You can see that it is very dark, but it still has that really pretty blue tone to it.
Below are two swatches of Her Blooming Cheek blush. The left one is heavily swatched, but the one to the right is a bit blended out. People have been comparing this to the Bite of an Apple blush from the Venomous Villains collection (see my swatches here), but since I have and love both, I can tell you that Her Blooming Cheek is much brighter, and much more pigmented.
Here you can see the swatches from the warm box. From left to right:
Most Darling, Gold Mode, Gilded Green, Gift O' Glamour, and on the bottom is Reflects Bronze, which is a glitter. To the left, I just piled it on, but to the right I blended it out a bit more, so that you could see how it looks either way.

A close up of the glitter, Reflects Bronze.
I love all of those colours, and couldn't be any happier with them. If you are looking for a nice gift for someone, any of those would make a great gift!
Miss Diorista
P.S. What have you been getting from this collection? Please tell me in the comments!
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