Friday, December 17, 2010

MAC - A Tartan Tale!

I gave in... and decided that waiting and hoping for one of the Santas (read about the Icelandic Santas here!) to bring me something from the Tartan Tale collection was not a risk I was willing to take! So I went there yesterday, and although I did want both blushes, a face kit, all of the plaid eyeshadows... then I picked out those three things. Let's take a look!

I love that plaid box! It is made out of tin, and has four "small" jars of pigments, and one of glitter (each one holds 2.5 grams, or 0.09 US OZ). They have three types of these pigment boxes, a smokey one, a cool one, and a warm one. I wanted both the smokey and warm ones, but ended up buying the warm one.
The blush you see is Her Blooming Cheek. It is the brightest blush I own, but I'm wearing it today and I love it! If you can get your hands on it, go get it!
Finally, I got one pigment in full size, Moonlight Night. I actually saw some swatches a long time ago (I think over at Hebridean Sprite) and fell in love, so I had to get it. It is sold out online, but I could still get it at my MAC counter. It is a gorgeous dark, dark blue (almost black) colour, with blue-ish sparkles. Looking at it, literally feels like gazing at the starry sky.

I love the Scotland-inspired MAC logo on there!

Left to right: Reflects Bronze (glitter), Gift O' Glamour, Gilded Green, Gold Mode, Most Darling.
That green star in the middle is actually why I chose the warm box over the smokey one, it is a gorgeous minty green with shimmer!

Some swatches! Of course, on top is Moonlight Night pigment. You can see that it is very dark, but it still has that really pretty blue tone to it.
Below are two swatches of Her Blooming Cheek blush. The left one is heavily swatched, but the one to the right is a bit blended out. People have been comparing this to the Bite of an Apple blush from the Venomous Villains collection (see my swatches here), but since I have and love both, I can tell you that Her Blooming Cheek is much brighter, and much more pigmented.
Here you can see the swatches from the warm box. From left to right:
Most Darling, Gold Mode, Gilded Green, Gift O' Glamour, and on the bottom is Reflects Bronze, which is a glitter. To the left, I just piled it on, but to the right I blended it out a bit more, so that you could see how it looks either way.

A close up of the glitter, Reflects Bronze.
I love all of those colours, and couldn't be any happier with them. If you are looking for a nice gift for someone, any of those would make a great gift!
Miss Diorista
P.S. What have you been getting from this collection? Please tell me in the comments!


  1. Ohh! I bought/recieved completely different items from TT but these are lovely too! I just adored this collection so much!


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