Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MAC - A Tartan Tale 2!

I actually got those for Christmas! So that makes this the second part of the "What I got for Christmas" (there is one part left :). You can check out the first part here. Enjoy!
Above to the left, you see a lip kit, Happily Ever After. It is so pretty!
And above to the right, you see a face kit, Hark the Heraldry. Now on to the picture below :)

First up is the Happily Ever After lip kit. It contains three colours, one lipgloss (to the left) and two lipsticks. All of them are very pretty, and I love to just throw this in my purse for quick touch-ups (I especially love the middle one!).

Then you can see Hark the Heraldry face kit. It has three products, just like the lip kit. The one to the left is actually Oh So Fair, which came out with the Venomous Villains Collection. I didn't get it then, so I'm very happy to get the chance to try it out now! The face kit also contains Dame, and Plum Foolery, both of which are really pretty.

The blush you see is Her Highland Honey, which is a gorgeous peachy shade. On the picture it looks brown, but in real life it really is not. I love it! It definitely looks very natural on my skintone, which I never would have expected.

And finally, the plaid eyeshadow! Isn't it so pretty? The colour is Enviably Fun, which, as you can see, is an absolutely beautiful green. The darker shade in there can actually be used as eyeliner. Works wonders :)

So that is it! Please stay tuned for part three of the "What I got for Christmas" :)

Love, Miss Diorista

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