Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halloween 2010 - pics!

I'm sorry guys, you're not getting any makeup-related posts from me these days! But they will come, don't worry :)
I just thought, since I didn't have time to post those pictures when Halloween was actually around, then I thought that I would show them to you anyway, in case you're already planning Halloween 2011! Well, what do I know, some people are just planners, you know? :)

Here, you can see my eyeballs... well, not my eyeballs, obviously! I still have mine :) Those are made from cake, mixed with icing. I got the idea from, go check out her amazing website if you haven't already!

With some great molds from Wilton, I melt some chocolate and made those. Each holds one Oreo cookie inside! (Don't count calories when eating those!)

This cake is a chocolate cake with chopped-up dates in it. The Halloween sprinkles come from Wilton (I believe I mixed up a few types of sprinkles, though).

You can't have Halloween without the pumpkins! Those are just simple vanilla sugar cookies, flooded with royal icing. I made the pattern with coloured sugar.

And finally, my cemetery. It is made from brownies, chocolate icing, and sugar cookies with chocolate. They were actually quite yummy :) (Idea from
So that was Halloween 2010 for me! Oh, and before I forget, the bats in the cemetery were given to me by some lovely guests - thank you!
Miss Diorista


  1. You are so talented, those all look amazing! The graveyard brownies and eyeball cupcakes are so freaking cool.


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