Monday, December 20, 2010

Make Up Store - A "Red" Haul!

Have you seen xsparkage's video where she does the candy cane look? If not, then you need to go and see it... I completely fell in love with it, so cute! I really wanted to recreate it, but since I didn't have a red eyeliner, red glitter or a red eyeshadow... I went and bought them :)

My shop of choice was Make Up Store, simply because it had been a while since I last shopped there, and also because they usually have a wide variety of colours. I mean, this has to be the only red eyeliner I have ever seen! I love how they wrap everything up for you - it makes me feel so pampered when I start unwrapping it at home!

The red eyeliner. It is called Very Berry, and is actually usable on its own, as a fun pop of colour. My eyes are of a blue/grey kind of a colour (you can see my eyes here if you're interested!), and this really makes them pop. So I won't only be using it for Christmas :)

The red glitter, called Poison. I love the packaging of it, when you first open it, you have to open a second lid to actually get the product out. Makes it save to travel with, as well as makeup bag friendly.

I also really like how the opening is only wide enough for a small to medium brush to get in there - if you drop it, not all of your glitter will fall out.

Since they were sold out on the eyeshadow that I wanted, I decided to buy this blush called Frozen Daiquiri. How fun is that name :) It is a gorgeous shimmery colour, similar to MAC's Bite of an Apple (check out my swatch here) except that this one is shimmery and way more pigmented. Maybe it has a hint more red to it, too. About the shimmer, I would say that it was kind of a cross between a satin and a sheertone shimmer. Not so shimmery as the latter, but a little more than a satin. Quite nice, and I love the packaging.

Some swatches for you! Unfortunately, I didn't have my usual lighting, so it is a little bit blurry, but the colours are about right. Kind of explains it self, but for reference: Very Berry eyeliner on top, and below are Frozen Daiquiri blush (left) and Poison glitter (right).

I will show you some pictures when I do the candy cane look, so stay tuned!


Miss Diorista

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