Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting to Know Me from a Blog Award

First of all thank you so much, Hebridean Sprite, for tagging me to do this fun tag! It means a lot to me :)

1) Why did you create the blog?
Well, I had fallen in love with so many amazing beauty blogs, as well as beauty channels on YouTube, and had been reading and watching them for some time, when I realized that maybe someone would like to read what I have to say, too. Also, taking part in the online beauty community is just a truly amazing experience.

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mainly beauty blogs, but I also have one that covers interior designing... I would love to add to my list of "blogs to follow", though, so any suggestions would be well appreciated!

3) Do you have a favourite makeup brand?
*smile* Yes. Dior :)

4) A favourite clothing brand?
Hmm... I'm not very strict about where my clothes come from, as long as they fit me and my style... I don't think there is one clothing brand that I would choose over the other.

5) What makeup products are essential for you?
Concealer (if I had little sleep, that is), powder foundation, blush, mascara, lip stick.
I usually wear powder foundation for everyday use, since it's quicker than a liquid one and I don't need that much coverage. Blush is a must for me, and so is lip stick. I could maybe skip mascara... but I love it too much :)

6) What's your favourite colour?
Green. All shades of green, from light green, to mint green, moss green and all the way over to dark green. It used to be purple, then it became blue, and now it is green. Green makes me so happy!

7) What's your favourite perfume?
It's a tie between Dolce and Gabbana's perfume, the one with the red cap on it, and Dior's Miss Dior.

8) What's the film you like the most?
I'm really not someone who only watches romantic movies, or only horror movies, or only this or only that... I enjoy most kind of movies, so that makes it hard for me to pick just one... But I have to admit that one of my favourites is The Guardian from 2006, starring, amongst others, Kevin Costner. This is a heart-breaking and heart-warming tale of a young man who joins the coast guard, and an older man who trains him and teaches him some hard lessons about life and love. Really something you should see.

9) What countries would you like to go to?
So many! To name a few: Italy, especially Rome after having learned so much about the ancient Roman Empire. Also France (Paris and the countryside!), as well as exploring Germany better... and I'd love to go to Scotland again!

Again, thank you so much, Hebridean Sprite, for tagging me! I tag... drumrolls please...

Matryoshka Doll Beauty and Starberry Sugar!

Miss Diorista

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