Monday, February 7, 2011

Nail Polish Haul!

First of all, sorry for the post-overload from me today! This is the last one, though :) I just have so many posts that I want to get up for you... and also this new Blogger system is really helping, since you can make blog posts in advance now! Yay for that ;)
So on to the nail polishes!
  • Those two polishes, the blue and red ones, I'm so excited about! They're by Depend Cosmetics, which I believe is a Sweden brand, and they are a part of their "Cracked Effect" collection. In case you've heard about or purchased OPI Black Shatter, then those polishes do the same thing - when worn on top of another polish, they crack and shatter as they dry, leaving you with a unique nail design on every nail! I can't wait to try those out! And the colours are simply "Red" and "Blue". I believe they also carry black, white, pink and purple.
  • And finally, I bought Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in shade 10, called Emerald City. I've been lemming this for some time, since it's seems to be a beautifully deep, shimmery green, but couldn't find it anywhere until now. You should have seen my face when I grabbed the last one they had ;)

Been buying any nail polishes lately? I'm on a nail polish kick, so if you know about any great nail polish blogs (I already read and love Varnish Vixen ;) then please let me know!

Miss Diorista


  1. I adore some of the nail polishes out there. Some of my favourite brands are Color Club and Nubar (both Vegan) and Sephora OPI. I adore Varnish Vixen's blog too, she's my favourite! I read a ton of others too, so many I can't name them all! Polish Aholic is a new favourite though. :D (I love green polish so you'll have to post swatch pictures)

  2. Ohhh I never heard of the Depend brand they look really cool. I saw SH Emerald City a few weeks but I decided to pass on it just because I have so many greens polishes. Can I visit you in Iceland please? I always wanted to go there! :)

  3. @Hebdridean Sprite - I'll check out Polish Aholic, sure sounds nice enough ;) And you bet I'll post those swatches, I can hardly wait to paint my nails with that adorable green colour!

    @tastha - Depend isn't very well known outside of Scandinavia I believe... And believe me, I won't be the one stopping you from coming to Iceland ;)


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