Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

A huge thank-you to H Rija at My Lyfe; My Story for giving the Stylish Blogger Award! I really appreciate it :)

The rules of this award are that you
  • link back to the person who gave you the award
  • share 7 random facts about yourself
  • pass the award on to a few other little-known bloggers
  • leave a comment on those bloggers' blogs, letting them know about the award
I'm passing the award on to three bloggers, please check out their blogs ;)

And on to the randomness!
  • I love to dance, especially salsa. It is actually a neglected passion of mine. Try it, you'll see (or feel, rather) what I'm talking about :)
  • I speak Icelandic, English, Danish and German, and I really want to learn more languages.
  • I love meeting people, and getting to now new people, but I also really enjoy being alone. Silence is worth so much when you lead a busy life!
  • I love writing, but since I'm so busy during the day, I try to squeeze in some writing when I really should be gone to bed...
  • Cats are my favourite animals
  • I like watching TV, and I follow a few shows regularly. A few loves are Law and Order, Desperate Housewives and Dexter. Know any good ones I should take a look at?
  • I love making to-do lists and checking things off!
Hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far!

Miss Diorista


  1. You are welcome and you really derserve it!!

    Also, I just found out we share some similarities- like salsa dancing & learning new languages! Plus, I love meeting new people too - thank god I meet you through blogger =)

    Well, good luck with you blog and have a great weekend!


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