Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MAC - Cham-Pale

Did you like this collection? I thought I wouldn't but I actually kind of did... However, the products I wanted the most (Chez Chez Lame and Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot) were sold out when I finally got the chance to visit MAC, so I decided to get those two products instead. Turns out I really love both of them!

To the right is a lipgelée, and the colour is Sin-Tillation. This is a light pink shade with lots of multi-coloured shimmer, and it's one of those that look good over almost any lipstick!
And the paint pot I got is Chilled on Ice. It's an exceptionally pretty colour, though very light, and can go under pretty much any eyeshadow.

A close-up of the Chilled on Ice paint pot - the colour is so pretty, it's a light one (almost white!) with a hint of melon to it and some golden shimmer to top things off.

Why does looking at product names make me feel so good? :)

The lipgelée is swatched lightly to the left (top row) but heavily to the right.
And below is the paint pot, very lightly swatched to the left but heavily to the right.

The same swatches, different lighting. Wanted you to see the multi-coloured glitter in the lipgelée, so pretty!
I love those product because I know that I will be using them non-stop! Did you get anything from this collection?
Love, Miss Diorista


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