Sunday, June 19, 2011

MAC - Surf Baby

I'm so late showing you this product, that it's almost funny... hope you don't mind this little reminder of MAC's summer collection 2011, Surf Baby.
I only bought one product, but I was going to get more... there's a story to tell here, a sad one! I loved Hibiscus lipstick, Strange Potion lipglass and the blush/beauty powder they had (with the golden flower on top). When I arrived to my MAC, all of those were sold out! Therefore, I only bought one product, Studio Careblend/Pressed powder in Gold-Go-Lightly, shown on the pictures below.

The packaging from Surf Baby is very sporty, yet feminine. The compacte is off-white with shimmer, and has a mirror inside (like beauty powders).
I love the print on the powder, it says "MAC" a million times!
The texture of this powder is really nice and smooth, I almost want to say creamy. The colour is matte, and I do like it (I mostly use it for sculpting), but if you're not careful, it has a tendency to lean slightly orange. That orange tone doesn't show up if you use a light hand.
Swatches. The left one is blended out, the one to the right is full colour.

I was pleased with this product, but I'm still looking for a great bronzer which doesn't look muddy or orange. Any good recommendations? I just bought a Chanel bronzer (from their new summer collection) and I will share that one with you soon, but I'm also looking into investing in a Bobbi Brown bronzer, since I've heard they're good. Have you tried Bobbi Brown bronzers? If so, please tell me how you liked them!

Now, over to you: What is your favourite bronzer, and why? Tell us!

Miss Diorista


  1. I love the MAC imprint! Have you tried MAC golden yet? I think that's the lightest of the MAC bronzers. I like the BB Aruba too, but make sure you can return it in case the silly latch breaks. Argh!

  2. @Dovey - No, I haven't tried golden... is it any good? And I'm def going to try BB bronzers as well.


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