Friday, December 2, 2011

November Favourites 2011

I haven't blogged... for ages. Funny, since the same exact thing happened last winter... I took a "break" from blogging during the autumn and early winter, but got back into it around Christmas time... Anyways, I can't tell you how good it feels to be writing again!

Let us dive right into November favourites - which are actually not so much November favourites, as they are simply winter favourites. Many of these items, I have been using and loving for three months. Enjoy!

First up, with makeup, I have been loving the NARS Laguna Bronzer. I know, not much of a surprise, since almost everybody who tries it falls for it completely, but since I haven't had access to NARS before (I bought it in Edinburgh back in summer), it was a first for me. I just love this bronzer - it is honestly my favourite bronzer out of all the ones I have. Not only does it give you a healthy-looking glow, but it also looks amazingly natural as a contour colour. As you can see, I've already hit pan - I use it every single day.

About a month ago or so, Dior released a new collection of foundation, called Diorskin Forever, consisting of a liquid foundation and a powder foundation. Since I already have enough of liquid foundations to last me the next few months, I decided to try the powder version, called Diorskin Forever Compact in shade no. 010. And oh my. You haven't truly understood the meaning of a powder feeling velvety, until you have felt this powder. It is so smooth, stays nicely, covers nicely (not as well as a liquid, but very nicely for a powder) and doesn't accentuate dry skin as much as many powders do. Also, I love that they have a shade which is light enough for me.

Speaking of foundations... I know I keep saying this about every single liquid foundation I buy, but I have found a foundation which simply knocks me out. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is so, so, so beautiful. And I couldn't help laughing when the lady matched my skin to a shade called Light 2 - or Mont Blanc - that's how fair I am! This is the closest colour match I've ever had in a foundation. And I love the finish - the coverage is medium, I would say, but very buildable, and the finish is light and natural. I don't feel overdone, but definitely well put together. And if I'm going somewhere fancy and feel like I need a bit of some extra coverage, I simply set it with the Diorskin Forever powder, instead of a regular powder.

For nails, I have been all over dark and vampy shades the past few weeks. But simple, good, old black doesn't do the trick for me - I like it dark with a twist! This Ciaté Paint Pot in Wait Until Dark is exactly that - dark with a twist. It is a dark, dark purple, with shimmer, sometimes it looks purple, sometimes almost black... magical against the glistening snow which has been coming down the last days.

I have been switching up my skincare almost entirely during the past three months, and have found many great products which I love. I might do a skincare routine soon, once my Christmas exams are over.

Ole Henriksen's On The Go Cleanser has made cleansing my face after a long day something to look forward to, a treat. It smells like orange soda, and is completely sensual.

Winter hasn't been kind to my skin - it never is, but this year, my skin is feeling the best it has for many years. I think a great portion of that is thanks to the wonderful EGF Serum. It is an Icelandic serum, which is supposed to help correct skin aging effects, improve the appearance of the skin, and moisturize. Now, of course, I'm young so I haven't experienced a whole lot of aging on my skin, but as for the moisturizing part... Wow. Two, maybe three drops of this wonder liquid, and my whole face is completely moist. This is far better than any moisturizer I have ever tried - believe me, if you have dry skin, this serum will quickly become your best friend.

But just moisturizing isn't enough - in order to keep my skin smooth, I've been searching for the perfect exfoliator. I find many of the usual grainy exfoliators too... too harsh I guess, but also not effective enough. However, this Anans Enzym Peeling by Arya Laya does the job perfectly. Most of its effectiveness is derived from the enzymes in the product, but it also has tiny grains. The mask feels slightly stingy, and you have to wash, not rinse, your face afterwards, since the enzymes won't stop working on your skin unless they are completely washed off, but the mask truly works wonders. It leaves my skin nicely exfoliated and soft.

That's it for now - but you'l be hearing more from me, that's for sure!

Miss Diorista


  1. Glad you're back =) I love Sheer Glow too, the finish and formula is wonderful!

  2. Glad you're back! I had found a great match colour wise in Nars shades too but I found the matte foundation really didn't work on my skin. :D

  3. @Dovey - Aww, thanks!

    @Hebridean Sprite - Thanks dollie! Sad about the matte one, but have you tried the Sheer Glow?


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