Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Autumn and Spinach...

I'm still here dollies! So sorry for the lack of posts the past few weeks - school was starting again and I getting back into the swing of things has been occupying my mind. But there are many posts coming up, including an August Favourites post tomorrow, so stay tuned! However, for now, we have weekly gratitude - enjoy.

  • Thank you for school starting again - I love this season!
  • Thank you to a friend, for always being able to bring a smile to my face.
  • Thank you for the weekend - I have so much to do, so it's not "two days off" at all, but just being able to sleep for one or two more hours than usually is so valuable!
  • Thank you to my aunt, for being home again! She was abrought, but knowing that she's safely home with her family, is so nice - welcome home :)
  • Thank you for autumn - I love all the autumn colours, will be showing you some favourite polishes soon!
  • Thank you for spinach... I know, that's a strange one, but unless you've tasted fresh, mountain-grown spinach (or that´s what we call it here... I'm not talking about the tasteless, artificial, perfect-looking spinach!), you really haven't tasted spinach - so good with strawberries!
  • Thank you to God, for giving me so much, so many people, to be so grateful for.

Miss Diorista
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