Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful Icelandic evening

The other night, I went out for a short walk. I brought my camera along, and just had to show you guys. It is the peak of summer now, and the evenings here can be so beautiful... I'm not going to say anything more, just let you enjoy the pictures.

I actually made this one my profile picture!

My best regards,

Miss Diorista.


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful! Makes me want to visit! In the first picture what type of tree/bush is the one that has like sticks and then puffs of leaves sticking on the end of them? (sorry- bit of a nature weirdo and I've never seen anything like that before!) Lovely pics!

  2. Thank you all! So nice to know that you found the pics beautiful!
    @Hebridean Sprite: This plant is very "Icelandic", it is called "hvönn" (pronounced in a similar way to "quonn" but with a little "v" sound) in Icelandic, but angelica in English. It grows in many places and is used for tea, for curing and preventing small infections, like cold... Not used by doctors, but by housewifes, though ;) And I love your description of the plant!


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