Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drink water!

Now when it has been extremely hot here in Iceland, I felt like reminding myself and all of you, about the importance of drinking enough water.

Water is important for every part of your body. Google "importance of drinking water" and you get tons of great reasons for filling your glass. Find your favourite reason to motivate you. What gets me drinking is the fact that is helps keep my skin looking healthy and glowy.

I really like drinking water. However, I also like to mix things up a little bit. Just simple things like decorating your glass (on the picture, I carefully cut a slice into the strawberry, then placed it on my glass), or put a bit of ice into your water, can spice things up, and prevent boredom. Also, I know that some people dislike water, maybe it is the taste... or the lack of taste (I wouldn´t know, since I love water). In that case, try to trick your taste buds into liking it. Infusing your water with fruits and even vegetables can do the trick. The most common thing is slicing lemons and limes for your water, which can be quite nice. Don't be afraid to experiment! Use frozen strawberries instead of ice, it gives you taste and cools your water. Or slice cucumber, or apples, or peaches... just anything you have on hand! Slice it, place it in your water and place your water in the fridge. When you want to drink it, pour in a nice glass and drink it with a bit of ice. Lovely!

My best regards,

Miss Diorista.


  1. Freezing fruit and putting it in water is a great idea! I usually dislike drinking water (I find if it has any taste at all then it bothers me) but I'm completely willing to try this option. (Question, how warm does it get in Iceland?)

  2. Sorry how late I'm answering, will explain in next post! Did you try the fruit thing with the water? I like it...
    The weather in Iceland can be strange, lol! In winter, it can be from 5°C (41F) down to -10 (14F)or -15°C (5F). In summer, the usual temperature is about 10 (50F) to 15°C (59F), but this summer has been really warm, with up to 25 (77F) or even 30°C (86)!


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