Sunday, July 4, 2010

MAC haul from London!

I have a family full of wonderful people, I'm lucky. One of them, my niece, lives in London. Last weekend, she came home for a short visit, and I asked her to buy a few MAC things for me (of course, I paid her back), since everything is much cheaper abrought. My sweet sweet niece bought three things, all of which you can see above.
Starting from the left, you see my first MAC Blushcreme ever! I'm so excited! Well... I'm excited for all of this! The blush shade is Lilicent, a beautiful earthy pink colour, looks very natural and pretty. I have worn it a few times now, and have used my finger for applying it... I'm thinking about getting the MAC 188 brush for it, have you guys tried that? The blushcreme is swatched on top.
Next is an eyeshadow, the famous Satin Taupe. I can see now what the rave is all about. This colour is beautiful, a chocolatey brown grey... with silver sheen. So pretty. Looks fabulous alone, but layered over the third product, it is absolutely stunning (sorry I didn't swatch it that way!). Satin Taupe is swatched in the middle.
The last product is a paint pot, in Rubenesque. What a beautiful colour. It looks very pink in the pot, but on my hand it is a golden pink, with a pretty sheen to it. Love it. For a simple, work-suitable eye, I sweep the paint pot over my lids, and for a little more drama, I add Satin Taupe on top.
I know the swatch picture looks a bit strange... the lighting is off and my hand looks HUGE! Believe me, it's not that huge in person! I hope you benefit from the swatches, though.

Thanks again, niece (lol, don't know if you want your name here!), those products are amazing, all of them, I can't thank you enough!

If you want reviews on any of those, or on products from my June Favourites, please comment and tell me. Or if you have those, tell me your opinion. But in any case, comment!


Miss Diorista.


  1. Oh my! Lillicent looks lush! I would totally love to see a review on that. :D Yay for new mac goodies!

  2. I´m totally with you on the 'yay'! And your request has been heard ;) Once I figure out a better way to apply it, I will write the review.


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