Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review - Nivea Blush by Chantal Thomass in Secret Rose

Yes, I am aware that this blush came out with Nivea's fall collection last year, or 2009, but at least where I am, I can still get this, so I decided to do a review on this... since I love it so much!
First of all, look at the oh-so-pretty packaging! This blush is by Chantal Thomass, and in case you haven't heard of her, she designs lingerie. That is why the blush has such a pretty lid, as well as the little bow on the product itself. This makes the whole thing so cute!
This is really a long-wearing blush. I have it on today, put it on around 8 am this morning, and now, sixteen hours later, it is still pretty and fresh. Pretty fresh, so to speak!

I love the smell of this blush. I'm having a hard time finding the correct words to describe it, but it is really nice. Not too strong, but if you are sensitive to scents, you might dislike this product. However, I really like the scent. Makes me like the product even more!
And obviously, the colour is just too pretty. It is, as the shade name describes, a rosy pink colour. You can see the swatch below, but it also has a little bit of sheen to it. I hesitate to even call it a sheen, since it is so subtle that it is barely there. Maybe it would fit better to call it a satin-like sheen. Very beautiful.

So overall, I totally recommend this product. Very, very long-wearing, a beautiful colour, pretty packaging, smells nice and has a satin sheen to it. My thing!

My best Dior-ish regards,
Miss Dior

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