Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haul from Germany (part 1) - UMA

Hi there!

So finally, I managed to get up from my lazy haze, and snatch a few haul pics for you!
I bought way too much while I was in Germany, so this haul is probably going to be split into quite a few parts... A few of the items that you will be seeing the next few days are bought a few days before or after my trip, but most of them come from Germany. So let's get started!
In this part I will be featuring all UMA stuff... UMA is a German makeup brand, but I really hope that you can get their products online (or from stores, wherever you are), because some of their products are really fun to have.

Starting from the left:

1. First up are two eye shadows. The brown one (08 sexy kitten) is a really pretty, light caramel colour, but the blue one (06, peppermint patty) is a frosty blue with a hint of peppermint. Both are really shimmery, but the pigmentation is not so fabulous. Also, there is a whole lot of fallouts... no, I won't start collecting this eye shadow line by UMA, but they are nice to have.

2. The brown thing (beneath the eye shadows) that looks like a liquid concealer is a lip colour base. I've only used it once, but it is supposed to smooth out your lips, make the lipstick show up better, and increase the longevity of your lip makeup. Since I haven't really tried it out yet, I can't tell you how it is...

3. Next, you see two eye liners. One is a beautiful khaki green (Automatic Kajal, 04), the other one is a glittery lilac (Glitter Eyeliner, 169A)! How fun! However, forget ever using those two on your waterline, they are not smooth enough. Plus, you don't want to get glitter in your eyes, so be careful.

4. I "hid" the lipstick in the lipgloss set to keep it open, lol! It looks terrifying, I know! I don't even know why I swatched it at the store. But I did, and I quite like it! Yes, it is really really dark, but if you only use a thin layer of this lipstick, you get a beautiful plum colour - perfect for fall. I look forward to using this when the winter comes. And don't worry - I will never wear it as dark as it seems on the pic! (Unless I apply for a part in a witch movie... wouldn't I make for the perfect witch? LOL!)

5. The small lipgloss set is just too pretty! It is really handy to have, and nice as a small gift. The shades are also really shimmery and pretty, and there is something in there for everyone.

6. Beneath the lipgloss set, you see my two favourite things in this part of the haul. They are cream eye shadows, and oh my! At a quick glance, those two seem to be the same colour, but they are actually not. The one to the left is a golden one, but to the right is a golden colour with more pink to it (they don't have numbers). Both are really beautiful, very shimmery (almost metallic), pigmentation is great, and they last so long! Also, the packaging is so handy to throw in your purse on your way out! It comes with a doe foot applicator, and the colours can be built. That way, you can create a whole smokey look with just one of those! Think about how handy that would be if you decided to go the movies last-minute!

7. The last item is a clear brow and lash gel (clear mascara, though I haven't used it as a mascara...). I don't like the idea of putting this on my lashes, and I don't really see the point of doing so. However, this is a lovely gel for your brows! It holds them, but doesn't dry to a crispy finish. Looks really natural. Also, the comb is great.

So that is it for this part! If you would like me to review any of those items, please let me know!

My best regards,

Miss Diorista.

P.S. A review of MAC Blushcreme in Lilicent is coming up - I don't have it anymore, someone stole it (along with my blushes and eye shadows - even my MAC Shell Pearl is gone, so sad!). But I remember how it was and I always planned on doing the review, so I'm doing it soon!


  1. that sucks about the mac blush and things being stolen! Hate how people are sometimes! Great haul (maybe next time more pictures closer?)

  2. Hi,

    du hast da sehr schöne sachen in Deutschland gekauft..Der MAC Blush ist super so einen habe ich auch und bin begeistert :-)


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