Monday, August 16, 2010

Review - MAC Blushcreme in Lilicent

So finally, here is the review for Lilicent, a blushcreme by MAC (requested by Starberry Sugar).
Please note that this picture is from a blog called The Beauty Bite. It is not in any way mine.

I had heard amazing things about this blush, so when I got it I was so excited! But when I started using it, I have to say that it didn't quite live up to my expectations...
But let's begin at the beginning. I watched sardun1's video on how great this blush looked when applied with the 188 brush (a rather small stippling brush) by MAC. This vid completely sold the blush to me!
The first thing you notice, is the colour. It is a beautiful peachy pink, with no shimmer. It is a pretty colour, but once on my skin, it didn't really show up and was just kind of... "blah". Also, if I blended it in very well, it just disappeared. If I wanted any colour, I had to leave it almost unblended, which did not look very nice. I guess this colour would be prettier on either fairer or darker skintones (I am medium fair).
The texture feels very creamy when you swatch it, but once I tried applying it on my cheeks, it felt very hard to blend in (and also, there was the problem with the colour once blended).
This blush was stolen from me, so I don't have it anymore, and if you just read my review, then you would probably think I wouldn't buy it again. However, I think I will buy it again. Why? Well, I still don't have the 188 brush (which sardun1, and The Beauty Bite recommend for this blush), so I still hope that this blush will meet my expectations once applied with that brush.
Overall rating: 6.5/10. Note that this may change if I buy this again and the 188 brush with it.
Do you have this blush? Or another shade of a blushcreme? I'd love to know how you apply it :)
My best regards,
Miss Diorista.

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  1. Hey girl! :) I always apply my ladyblush with a stippling brush using a very light hand. & then I take a powder brush & put a silky transparent loose powder of it. I'm really thinking I need this blush. :P lol. Great review!


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