Friday, March 11, 2011

Depend Cosmetic - Cracked Effect in Red

Since I have yet to find OPI's Black Shatter here in Iceland, I purchased two "Cracked Effect" colours from Depend Cosmetics, red and blue (see my polish haul here).

I was rather pleased with the blue one, except for the fact that it stained my nails badly (I still have those stains!). This red one, however, I'm not quite digging... in the bottle, it looks like a bright, bold, absolutely gorgeous red colour. On my nails, it is so dull and flat, and has a "rusty" feel to it. Disappointing, to say the least.

The polish dries extremely quickly, but to a matte finish, so I would definitely recommend using a top coat with this.

Without top coat

With top coat
This one did not stain my nails, and the weartime was a bit longer than with the blue one. Getting it off was average, not extremely easy but not hard.

Product (65%) - 6/10
Value (10%) - 9/10
Would I repurchase? (15%) - 7/10
Packaging (10%) - 8/10

Overall - 6.5/10

Miss Diorista

P.S. I feel kind of bad giving those two polishes such low scores - so I will say that those are fun to play around with.

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  1. @H Rija - Thanks, funny because I didn't really like it so much... maybe I just have to try it with a different base colour...

  2. Aww, I hope you can find Black Shatter soon! Out of all the crackle polishes I've tried, that is my favorite thus far. I just wish it came in different colors!

    That being said, I liked the way yours turned out from what I can see in the photos :-)

  3. @MatryoshkaDoll - I hope so too... This polish didn't even show up so well, as you can see in the pictures... however, I'm thinking it was maybe just that I didn't use a contrastive enough colour? I'll try again :)


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