Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Gratitude - Music, writing and irreplaceable friends

  • Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful rosy sky outside my window right now. I'm speechless.
  • Thank you to my aunt for introducing me to a new type of fish - I love trying new food!
  • Thank you to the musicians who fill our world with beautiful music and inspiring lyrics. Nothing perks up your mood like a meaningful and beautiful song.
  • Thank you for my pens and paper - the beauty in sitting alone at my desk, in the middle of the night and in absolute silence, writing, is something I could never be without.
  • Thank you to my friend for braiding my hair so prettily today :)
  • Thank you to God for all the truly amazing new heights he has allowed me to experience in the last three weeks.
  • Thank you to a friend of mine, for making me laugh and giggle every single time I see you!

Miss Diorista


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