Miss Diorista's Rating System

In order to make my reviews easier to understand, I have decided to use the following rating system from now on:

Each reviewed product gets a grade, where 0 is the worst, 10 is the best.
The grade is based on those four parts:

Product - 65%
Is the powder smooth? Is the eyeshadow easy to apply? Does the brush have hairs falling out?

Value - 10%
Are you getting your money's worth?

Would I repurchase? - 15%
I believe whether or not you would repurchase a product tells you a whole lot about the product.

Packaging - 10%
To me, packaging is very important. Being a collector, I love pretty packaging. I also look at whether or not the packaging is easy to use when grading a product's packaging.

Each product is tested (and swatched) before writing the review, and skincare products are tested for at least two weeks.
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