Monday, February 7, 2011

Benefit - Dr. Feelgood

Ever heard of this product? Well, I bought it last summer, hoping it would do me some good... You see, like many, I have some slightly visible pores around and on my nose, and also like many, I want to hide them a bit. This product is supposed to "smooth away the appearence of fine lines while leaving skin feeling and looking more silky, flawless and matte to the touch." This is what Benefit claims it does, and yes, it actually does all those things, I can't deny that... and it's also blended with Vitamin C, which of course is a plus.

However, this product broke me out... not just a bit but rather badly. So despite how much I loved the pore-free look this product gave me, I had to give it up. Disappointing, to say the least.

Also, what's up with the smell? It's a rather strong, kind of menthol scent... doesn't smell bad, just not like anything you'd ever think of putting on your face.

And the packaging? Looks cute, but it is so impractical! How on Earth am I supposed to get the product out (which has a stiff tecture, like balm) with a sponge, without getting clumps of this on my face? I think Benefit Cosmetics sometimes think more about the way the packaging looks, than how it works, which is not good at all.
Product (65%) - 6/10
Value (10%) - 6.5/10
Would I repurchase? (15%) - 1/10
Packaging (10%) - 5/10

Overall - 4/10

Sadly, not a product I would recommend. However, this does not break everyone out, hopefully your skin will react better to this than mine did, just try it before you buy it!

Miss Diorista


  1. This is the type of thing that just screams ACNE ATTACK! to me. I suffer from acne enough as it is and enlarged pores so something solid and wax-like tends to frighten me! I also find that Benefit doesn't take people's skin concerns into account really as I've heard quite a few of their other products cause breakouts too. Great review!

  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear that it broke you out! :< I hope you could return it, ahhh

  3. @Hebridean Sprite - I actually love many of Benefit's products... but you're right, I have heard about some people breaking out...

    @Kotori - I bought it on an airplane... and besides, we don't have a return policy in Iceland... which is not good!


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