Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wavy Hair - Without the Heat!

I love wavy hair - it's my favourite hairstyle. I have some slight natural waves, but I like to emphasize them. However, using a curling iron (or a straightening iron, for that matter) is both time-consuming and more importantly, not good for your hair. Read on to find out how I get beautiful, natural-looking waves!

1) Wash your hair
I like to do this in the evening before I go to sleep, but you can do it in the morning if you are going to wear the waves in the evening and not during the day.

2) Don't blow-dry your hair!
This is really important. Just use a towel, and don't dry your hair completely.

3) Braid your hair
See where I'm going with this? :) The tighter your braid is, the smaller and more defined your waves will be. In the same way, loose braids will give you big, loose waves.
Tip: Try different kind of braids for different kind of waves!
Another tip: To get waves right down to your hair's ends, loop that last piece of hair under your hair tie!

4) Let your hair dry
For me, I braid my hair in the evening, right after washing it, and then I sleep through the night with my braids. However, if you wash your hair in the morning, you can sport your waves throughout the day.

5) "Miss, your waves have arrived!"
When your hair is dry, remove the braids to reveal beautiful-looking waves!
Spray your hair lightly with hair spray to keep those waves in place, and add some shine spray if you want!

I know five steps seem like a lot but it really just comes down to two things: Braid your hair when it's wet, and wait until it has dried to remove the braids! Super-simple :)

Have you tried this techinique? Do you like it? Try it the next time you wash your hair!

Miss Diorista

P.S. I'm loving the new blogging format! Have you tried it? Oh, and does anyone know how to rotate pictures? I can't figure out how to do it! Thanks ;)
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  1. Hm, I'm intrigued! My hair's wavy too, but once I sleep on it, it looks a frizzy mess. I think I'll try this out... maybe when it gets warmer!

  2. Thanx for the sweet hair tutorial... it would great for the summer!

  3. @Dovey - Sleeping with your hair in braids really reduces the frizz so try it :)

    @H Rija - You're welcome ;)


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