Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Votes are in - and 100th post!

To celebrate blog post number 100 on Miss Diorista, I wanted to take a moment to give all of you for being so supportive, for reading my blog and for being those amazing followers and readers that you are!

Also, I want to thank you for voting in the small poll that I had up a few days ago, about what you wanted to see on Miss Diorista in the future. Turns out that most of you wanted to see more reviews, so that is what you will be getting. Also, you want hauls and favourites posts - those three received the most votes.
However, you can count on it that I will continue showing you some of the unhealthy cookies and cakes that I bake (hey, that rhymes!), as well as showing you pictures from Iceland. And our health posts will still be there on Fridays!
Again, thank you for voting, it really helps me see more clearly what you want to read - so that I can write it :)

And don't forget that even though this poll is over now, you can always contact me if you want to tell me what you would like to see on the blog - you can of course comment, but you can also tweet me or send me an e-mail - all information can be found under "Contact Miss Diorista" to the right on the blog.

Miss Diorista

P.S. That cute little picture is from


  1. Congrats on 100th post, looking forward to 100 more.

  2. @FaceFixers - I can't wait for those next hundred!


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