Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nail Polish Haul - Star Gazer

 I feel like I'm flooding you with nail polish posts! It's fun ;)
I had never even heard of this company, Star Gazer, when I came across their nail polishes in a costume shop in Reykjavík... ever heard of it? Well, their nail polish looked interesting and I instantly fell in love with the "crystal ball" packaging, so I had to buy some! Enjoy my haul!

  • The first one is Nr. 134 (kind of sucks that these don't have names, only numbers... names are so much easier to remember!). This one is way brighter in real life than it is on the picture, it's a hot red, pink colour with blue-ish shimmer/glitter.
  • Nr. 121, a beautiful dark copper colour with shimmer. Changes entirely based on lighting, though (as they all do, in fact).
  • Nr. 132. A grey, gunmetal, silver, taupe... colour? Mix those colours together and you'll get the one in the bottle... and don't forget to throw a handful of shimmer in there, too! Can't wait to wear this one.
All of the colours look extremely unique, and are unlike anything I've seen before. I really hope the formula is good, because those could be possible keepers!
Only thing I noticed right away that they're missing, is a shaker ball or two. Nail polish needs shaker balls!
UPDATE: I found a shaker ball in one of them (the grey one, Nr. 132). But why not the other two?!

Miss Diorista

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