Saturday, February 5, 2011

MAC - Peacocky

Peacocky has finally arrived in Iceland - yay! I only got two things, though, since I'm saving up for the Wonder Woman collection, which I by the way can't wait for!

Those are the two things I got - Kissable Lipcolour in Love Peck, and Mega Metal Shadow in Odalisque.

Here is Love Peck. As you can see, it's a really dark colour - actually way darker than I'm used to, so I wear just the tiniest amount of it - I scrape almost all the product off, then apply a dot on the center of my lips, and sheer it out with my finger. Then I get a nice berry colour that I really love, and stays forever. So I really use this as a stain, as opposed to a lipcolour. But I do love it :)


I fell in love with Odalisque the moment I saw it. It's this really pretty turquise colour, so pigmented and shimmery. And actually rather wearable, since it's not super-bright.

And some swatches! To the left is Love Peck, and in the middle is Love Peck like I wear it. And finally to the right is Odalisque - it's so pigmented and smoothe!

What did you get from this collection? Any recs for Mega Metal Shadows that I need to get while they're still in store?

Miss Diorista


  1. I adored peacocky, it really went above my expectations for the collection! Dalliance is my favourite shadow of the collection, very wearable for any event from every day to formal. I also bought 3 of the lip colours which I adore too! LOVE it! I love wearing Love Peck sheered out too! :D

  2. @Hebridean Sprite - I have to check out Dalliance :) And yes, I love Love Peck!


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