Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haul from Germany (part 3) - GOSH, Manhattan, Sans Soucis, lipbalms

So I really have to get this haul going! This is only part three and there are many more coming, I promise!
This part is GOSH, which I guess most of you know, Manhattan (a German brand), Sans Soucis (I was so glad when I found this brand in Germany - my mom used to love it but we couldn't find it anywhere, until now!) and also there are two lipbalms. Enjoy!

Starting from the left, upper row:
1) A really pretty, white eye shadow by GOSH. It has shimmer, and can be built up. Love this for brightening my eyes. Also from GOSH, a white, shimmery "effect powder". I was hoping that this would be a nice shimmery snow colour, but nope. It is just glitter. Not really loving this...

2) The eye shadow trio is from Sans Soucis, and oh my, do I love this! Can you see the "Love" that is "written" on the shadows? It is also on the lippie below the shadow (the one in the red case, it is a beautiful shimmery mauve colour). The only downside is that there is too little of the silver shadow in the trio, I really love that one!

3) First we take Manhattan, then we take Dior! The beige thing in the white pot is an eyeshadow primer by Manhattan. It has a slight brightening/shimmering effect to it, but nothing too obvious. Really like this one, though it does smell kind of weird... Then you see the bright lipstick next to the primer... It is my first bubblegum pink lippie! And I love it! It is not something I'd ever wear everyday, but every now and then for a fun look, I really like it. And it smells sooo good!

4) The lipbalms are really cute, and I do use them, but they are not the most moisturizing choices... The upper one is "I love... strawberries and milkshake", and I mostly just bought it because it smells so nice, really smells like strawberries and milkshake! And finally, the other lipbalm, which is so genius! It comes in a small "pot", and looks like ice cream! You could get many "ice cream flavours", I chose peach. It isn't very moisturizing, but it could be a nice conversation starter!

This completes the third part of my haul from Germany. Stay tuned for the next parts, remember that I am saving all the "exciting" stuff (Dior, Benefit, MAC, Chanel, YSL...) 'til last, so don't miss out on it!

My best regards,
Miss Diorista

P.S. If you'd like to see reviews on any of this, please tell me in the comments!


  1. Can you maybe do a more in depth review on the e/s primer? I've never even heard of Manhattan brand b4!

  2. Of course, I'll start working on it :) And check out this brand, they have a website (I don't know if they sell it in the USA though...), it is really a great brand and I loved their lippies!


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