Sunday, August 15, 2010

Haul from Germany (part 2) - Rival de Loup, Rival de Loup Young, Kron

So, finally, you get the second part of the haul from Germany! Note though, that this is far from being the last part! This part is focusing on a really nice brand called Rival de Loup. They divide their collection into their usual one, and Rival de Loup Young. I also bought two products from Kron, which is a German cosmetics brand.

The top eye shadows are both from Rival de Loup Young. The one to the left is so beautiful! It is a green-ish trio with shimmer but no glitter, whereas the other one is a green duo, with shimmer and a fair share of glitter. Both are creamy and buttery in texture and just overall great. I especially love the trio, but I have to admit that the heart pattern on the duo is adorable!

The two eye shadow pencils are from Rival de Loup Young. The colours are especially pretty and shimmery (nugat brown and smokey, I think I remember that correctly...) but in my opinion, I don't like them all over my lids, since they are very sticky. I can't blink my eyes properly when wearing them! However, I love them as chunky liners (especially the brown one) and I guess I could also use them under powder eyeshadows.

The left lipliner is by Rival de Loup (not young!). It is a very pretty rosy, shimmery pink. It is automatic and also comes with a sharpener. Nice quality.

The other lipliner is by Kron, and is not a favourite of mine. It is very baby pink, and shimmery. The colour is absolutely stunning, but somehow the texture is just very off. Applying this liner is not an easy task, let me tell you!

The blush creme stick is by Kron, and now that one is love! I know it looks horribly pink, but once on, it looks very nice. Plus, you get quite a lot of product, and you can layer powder blush over it.

So that completes this part of the haul, look out for the next part!

My best regards,
Miss Diorista

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