Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skincare and Makeup Haul!

Today, I went to the store... and of course, I found a few items that were right up my alley! This was not a cosmetics store, (it was a grocery store, actually!), so the only cosmetics they sold was Maybelline. But I'm okay with that!
I also got quite a few masks and skincare items. So let´s get started!

Starting with the makeup, I got three things.
1) First comes a lipstick, Color Sensational (by Maybelline) in the color 240, called Galactic Mauve. It is a really pretty colour, a rosy pink mauve, with a hint of lilac, very subtle brown undertones(can't really see them, unless the lighting is dim) and beautiful golden shimmer. Maybe a bit dark for summer... but with lipgloss over it (I'm thinking a nude one...), it would look a bit lighter. Swatched on top.

2) Next comes a mascara! I'm so excited about this one! It is the Maybelline's Colossal! Mine is in Glam Black. They also had plain Black, (they promised it was 100% black...) and I don't know what the difference is, but Glam Black definitely sounded more fun to me! You maybe remember (from my Mascara Wishlist post) that one of my friends uses this mascara, and her lashes look amazing. So since I saw it today, I decided to give it a try, and I ran back home to try it on! I have to say, that I was not disappointed! Wow! I've only been using it for a few hours now, but so far, I really really like this! Thanks for recommending this to me, friend (lol, no names!)! My niece actually recommended Clinique's Naturally Glossy Mascara for pretty and natural lashes... I might give that one a try too, it sounds good!

3) Last but not least is an eye liner, Maybelline's Line Definer in Brown Bronze Gleam. I also tried this on when I came home, but I'm not ready to say whether I love it or not... I think I like it, the colour is nice. It is a dark brown bronzed colour with a hint of shimmer, and actually goes well with a natural look (which I have on today). I like the fact that it has a twisting thing (lol). I will tell you more once I'm sure about what I think! Swatched on the bottom.

I like the bristles on this mascara a lot, the brush is pretty big and dense, and easy to use!

Then on to skincare items! Starting from the left ;)
1) First we have Nose Pore Strips (with Tea Tree) by Botanical Choice (by Purederm). I'm going to try those tonight or tomorrow... I´ve never used anything like this before, and I'm super excited!
2) The next two items are also by Botanical Choice (by Purederm), and they are Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Masks, one in "Apricot" and one in "Oatmeal". Once on your face, these are supposed to heat up and give you the feeling of a warm towel on your face. Sounds good!
3) Then we have a Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask in "Coconut" by Botanical Choice (by Purederm). Basically, this is simply supposed to moisturize and soften. Contains shea butter, coconut and lavender.
4) The tube is Apricot, a Facial Scrub Cream. This is an exfoliating scrub with natural apricot oil and finely crushed walnut shell. I can't wait to start using this, it smells good too!
5) Now on to the second row! First, we have a Pearl Essence Mask by Purederm. This actually has vitamin E, collagen, and pearl powder! How good does that sound, you tell me!
6) Next comes Nivea's Gentle Peel Off Mask. I am obsessed with the idea behind this (if I get this right...) This is supposed to set on your face, and then you can peel it off... we'll see if it works!
7) Then comes a Pore-Shrinking Mud Masque by Andrea. This is said to really... well, you guessed it: shrink your pores! I don't really have visible pores, except on my nose and the top of my forehead, so that is where I will use this. Hopefully it works!
8) And lastly, we have Firming Leg Gel by Andrea. It is supposed to really rev up tired legs and tone them a bit too... we'll see!
So that is all... it is quite a lot, IMO... have you tried any of this? Would you like a full review on any of those products? Please comment and tell me!
Miss Diorista.

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