Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tag: Share the Love

So since this is... well, almost the first post, I decided that it should be something extra nice. If you have not seen this tag that is going around YouTube, then here it is in a nutshell: You simply tell people about other people whom you like to watch on YouTube (or read their blogs).
So here we go!


Two Peas and their Pod -
This is a recipe blog written by a couple, Maria and Josh Lichty. They are just amazing. Maria is so sweet and caring and pretty, and according to her, Josh is a great help in the kitchen. So there you have a pretty awsome team! Their recipes are amazing and always have good quality. Definetely one of my favourite blogs.

Sunday Baker -
Yes, a recipe blog, but with a twist. Tanya writes about recipes, but life as well, the joyful things and the difficult things too. She is such a beautiful person, inside out. She takes amazing pictures and I'm afraid that her recipes are all too yummy...

YouTube Channels

The Gloss Goss -
This girl is really pretty and her channel is really good. She makes makeup videos but also vlogs, which are nice too.

Sardun1 -
Surely, many of you are already familiar with this great channel, which is one of my favourite beauty channels on YouTube. Sarah is so pretty, simply an amazing person, and I love her videos.

DulceCandy87 -
A really good channel about makeup and fashion. She does great hauls and her tutorials are truly amazing, she is so good with eye shadows!

SarahJane921 -
Sarah's channel is all about cosmetics and she does very good videos. Her hauls are some of my favourites!

TalkinMakeUp -
In my opinion, Camille is one of the cutest beauty girls on YouTube! She is amazing. She is also a makeup artist, so she knows all the tips and tricks!

These are just a few of my favourites, please go check them out! They are all amazing!
Which channels or blogs do you watch or read? I'd love to know, so please comment and tell me!

With Dior-ish regards,
Miss Diorista


  1. I love Dulce! :) I also like xsparkage (leesha), check her out! Her old videos are my favorite. She was the first 'guru' I started watching on youtube. lol.
    Cute blog, btw!

  2. I will definetely check xsparkage out, thanks!


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