Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tag: Top 10 Summer Products!

I found this tag on YouTube a few weeks ago, and obviously, I'm a little late with it since half of July has already flown by, but still! I have eleven products, actually, but they're still ten... ok?
So let's get this thing started!Starting from the left:

1) Summer foundation. Mine is by The Body Shop (my nice nice aunt gave it to me - thanks!). It is a powder foundation, has very sheer coverage, feels light and gives my skin a healthy glow. You need the kabuki to apply it. Mine is shade 03.

2) Mattifying powder. This is possibly one of the most important things for summer, especially if you have the tendency to "shine"! My powder is by Dior, it is their Dior Diorskin Poudre Compacte, and mine is shade 001. It is sheer, but still gives me a bit of coverage as well as acting as a mattifyer. A standard in my purse!

3) Illuminator. When I'm out in the sun, I want my skin to literally glow, especially my cheeks and cheekbones. You can get powder, liquid or cream illuminators, but personally I prefer powders... No matter what you pick, though, be sure not to pick a glittery one, buy one which gives you that nice glow/sheen/slight shimmer. And remember that less is more, you don't want to look like a disco ball! My favourite illuminator this summer has been MAC's Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl. It was LE and came out with the Liberty of London collection.

4) Natural-Looking Eyeliner. In summer, I don't wanna do the whole dramatic thing with my eye makeup. I save the attention for my bright lips! So my favourite thing for 'a summer night out', is to wear a teeny tiny bit of brown eyeliner, instead of black. You can pick a matte one or one that has glitter/shimmer. I recently bought the Maybelline Line Definer in Brown Bronze Gleam. It is a dark brown with bronzy tones and a bit of shimmer.

5) Tinted Moisturizer. IMO, this is a must for summer! Preferably, pick one with SPF. I don't feel like wearing heavy foundation when it's hot outside, so I wear my tinted moisturizer. Now, you have to realize that I am letting you in on a secret, here... the tinted moisturizer you see above is absolutely... amazing! A dream... It is by Dior (surprise, surprise!) and is from their HydraLife skincare range. It is called Dior Pro-Youth Skin Tint. Mine is in shade 1, and it has SPF 20, which I love! This gives me the perfect coverage, evens out my skintone, gives me a glowy look, and is extremely moisturizing. Ok... I'll stop obsessing about it now... did I mention that I love it? And that applying makeup on top is easy peasy?! Ok... I know, I said I'd stop... I'll write a review on it soon!
1) Makeup Remover Wipes. A must-have when you're on vacation or just don't have time to do the whole thing. In summer, I want to spend most of my time having fun, not removing my makeup! So I love those, they are from Preven's Paris. Of course, washing your face with wipes every night is not a good idea, since it doesn't, IMO, do quite the same thing as a cleanser would. But two or three nights a week, three months a year, is no biggie!

2) Light-Catching Lipgloss in a Light Colour. I want my lips to look like precious jewels in the sun... lol! Well, maybe that was a bit too poetic for a beauty blog, but you get the idea! Mine is L'Oréal's 6H Glam Shine, in Forever Nude. I love it, feels nice, lasts decently, can be worn over lipstick, or alone.

3) Bright Lipgloss. I love bright and bold lips for summer. Why not make a statement? This summer´s pick was The Body Shop's Love gloss in shade 18, called Tropical Pink. It is not pink. That is simple! It is a bright coral colour, almost orange... but very wearable, yet bright. It is has shimmer (you have probably picked up on it by now, that I love shimmer!). If you look at the swatch on TBS website, then know that the gloss is way brighter in real life than it seems there!

4) Bright Lipstick. Yes. I love bright lips, so bright lipstick are love... My favourite for this summer is L'Oréal's Glam Shine Crema in Hot Lilac (check out my review!). It is a bright, glittery lilac colour.

5) Light-Catching Lipstick in a Light Colour. Light-catching, meaning shimmery and pretty... Mine is MAC´s Lipstick in Beachbound, LE from the To The Beach Collection. It looks like a simple nude indoors, but in the sun, it. is. beyond. beautiful. Period.

6) Nailpolish in a not-tradiational-summer-colour... long, and hard to figure out? No. Not at all! Just pick a colour that seems fun to you, but is not the summery pink/coral/red. My fave these days is the OPI Chicago Champagne Toast. It is very pretty and yes, has a sheen/shimmer to it!

So that is all. Please tell me your must-haves for summer, do this tag and let me know in the comments below! Or do you want a review on any of the products? Comment and tell me!

Miss Diorista


  1. Lovely! One of my must have product is sunscreen! I burn so easy. & I would love to see a review on the body shop. :)


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