Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get Healthy in 2011!

Hi everybody!

I mentioned in my post about my new year's resolutions for this year (read them here), that I wanted to get healthier this year.
And why am I telling you this? Well, because I want you to do it with me!

I will post about this, but only on Fridays, since I don't want to flood you with health-related stuff. After all, Miss Diorista does and will always love her lipsticks and chocolate... not to forget the blushes!

So every Friday this year, I will write a post on this journey. And I would absolutely love for you to join me :) I have chosen Fridays, since most of us are prone to leaving our healthy-eating and exercise scetchual during weekends... maybe a reminder before you plunge into your weekend will help. At least I'm hoping that it will help me :)

Each Friday-post will include:

A challenge - It can be diet or exercise related, but it will always be fun!
A healthy recipe - This can be anything from healthy pizza to healthy cookies (yes, those do exist and they can actually be quite yummy!)
Bits of this and that - This could be an article on something health-related, a few tips and tricks, a possible pitfall, just simply anything that can help us on our journey.

But the most important thing is that you take part in this too. Let's do it together. When we hit a brick wall, we'll talk together. We'll use the comments. We'll use twitter. We can do this!

So, are you ready? I sure am. See you next Friday :)
Love, Miss Diorista
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  1. like á þetta!!! verð algjörlega með þér í þessu! :D :*


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