Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clean and Clear - Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel

This product has a long name, I have to say! But it's worth it. Definitely!
This is basically supposed to be used as spot treatment, and it comes in a gel form, as you could probably make out from this post's title :) They claim that it reduces spots in 4 hours, which has to be considered pretty good.

I do find the tube a little small, but 0ther than that, I really love this product. I use it morning and evening, and after just one day or two, I could already see a dramatic difference on my forehead! After about a week, my forehead was almost back to normal again. No, the spots are not completely gone, but the difference those first few days was really amazing.

The gel is light white, but goes on clear. You can use it under or over your makeup, but if you plan on using it over (or during the day at all), then make sure you powder on top, since the gel adds a bit of shine to things, as well as some slight redness while it's working its wonders.

So, does it do what it claims to do? Yes. And it performs even better than I expected, really. Overall I am very happy with this product.

Application tip: I pat this on any problem areas (after cleansing my face, before moisturizing) with my clean fingertip, kind of like I would a concealer. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after!

Product (65%) - 9/10
Value (10%) - 8/10
Would I repurchase? (15%) - 10/10
Packaging (10%) - 7.5/10

Overall - 9/10

Miss Diorista


  1. I did like this when I first tried it, but unfortunately I find that the effect wears off quickly. :(

  2. @FaceFixers - Yes? I've been using it for almost 4 months now, and the results are still great. I do use it everyday, though. Worth it to me, I think.


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