Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dior - Diorskin Nude Foundation

I got this beautiful foundation for Christmas (see here what else I got ;)
Short review? I love it! If you want something a bit more in-depth, then read on ;)

I am shade 010, which is pretty much as close to my skin colour as I have ever gotten with a foundation.
What I love about this foundation, is how radiant and hydrated it makes my skin look. Made out of approximately 40% water, this foundation is really hydrating and does not dry me out at all.
The consistency is nice, a bit runny but that just makes the foundation easier to work with. The coverage is light to medium, but it can be built a bit. However, if you prefer full coverage, then this is not for you. You should also know, that the weartime of this foundation is not as long as with many others. After about four hours I can see that the coverage is starting to fade a bit. This does not make me love the foundation any less, though! Just grab your powder with you, and you'll be good to go.
The foundation also has SPF10, which is a plus, and the packaging is super-pretty, with a great pump, and choosing the amount of product you want is very easy.
However, the best thing about the foundation is that with continual use, your skin will look more radiant and beautiful than before, even without makeup. I've only had the foundation since Christmas, but I believe I can already see some difference with my skin.
Last but not least, I can't feel the foundation on my face at all - I don't look or feel "made up".

I decided to try using this "two-pic" layout. Let me know if you like it or not. Maybe not quite clear enough? Anyways, the upper left picture is without foundation, the lower right picture has one "layer". You can see that the tone of my hand has been evened out, yet not completely covered. Very natural.

Product (65%) - 8.5/10

Value (10%) - 8/10

Would I repurchase? (15%) - 10/10

Packaging (10%) - 9,5/10

Overall - 9/10

Love, Miss Diorista

P.S. I've made some of the most important facts from the review bold for those who just want to take a quick look - tell me if you like it or not!

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