Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I got for Christmas - Cosmetics

This is the last part of the "What I got for Christmas". The other two were about kitchen supplies, and products I got from the Tartan Tale collection. Check them out :)

I was really excited to get those products from L'Occitane, since I hadn't tried out their makeup yet. The lipgloss is gorgeous, perfect for holidays, since it's so red and shimmery!
I also really love those face pearls. They have three colours, and create a beautiful glow.
The last thing is a green eyeliner... I'm not quite so keen on this one, since I don't find it soft enough, but I have to try it out a bit better before I give a conclude opinion...
Those three products from Dior came together in a "kit". These are the Diorshow mascara (black), an eye-makeup remover (the kind that you have to shake up before you use it) and a black eyeliner (not completely full size).

Yay, I finally got the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter! It is absolutely beautiful :)
And I also got the Diorskin Nude foundation - it is amazing. Love it.
The three brushes you see are MAC 188 (the shorter version), MAC 275 and MAC 139. These are all amazing, don't think I have to tell you that!
That Lancome blush is so pretty. I hate that the overspray will go away, though, so I still haven't used it!
Don't you just love that eyeshadow trio? It's by Shisheido, in the colour "Tropical", and oh my, the pigmentation!
Finally, the lipstick is by The Body Shop, and it is a beautiful pink colour (shade 73). It feels very moisturizing.

A close-up of the Lancome blush. So pretty :)
A big thank-you to all of those who thought so kindly of me - I love you guys ;)
Miss Diorista

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