Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Wish List 2010

It's that time again, folks. Believe it or not. Christmas.
Personally, I'm not quite getting it. My holiday break started today, and suddenly, after being so busy for two months, when I finally get a break... I find myself wishing to be busy again :) Well, that's just me!

But there is an upside to not being busy - I get to blog again! And this blog is going to be my Christmas wish list - that is, makeup-wise. Of course, there are many other interesting things Santa could bring (that is, the thirteen Icelandic Santas...!), such as books, but most of those are in Icelandic so mentioning them here would not really make a whole lot of sense :) There is one book, however, which I really want: Dante's Divina Commedia. It has recently been translated into Icelandic, and I can't wait to get my hands on it... or my reading eyes, that is!
But on to the Christmas wish list. I decided not to make a "Holiday Gift Guide", but instead, I'm giving you an idea of what I would like for Christmas. Of course, that might give you ideas for gifts, too, so I felt that this was a better idea than a "Gift Guide". Enjoy!

1. Love, peace and happiness. Of course. This one is just a stable. One could get all the presents in the world, but without peace and the presence of your loved ones, non of it would mean anything.

2. Dior's 5 Couleurs Gold Edition - It's their holiday e/s pallette, with five stunning shades... I don't think it has arrived here yet, though... I'll check back next Christmas, lol!

2.5 Yes, that's cheating, there shouldn't be half-numbers, I know! But I forgot this one - anything from MAC A Tartan Tale! I decided not to buy anything from this collection, and rely on the fact that someone would have a heart and buy something for me... It's a chance I'm willing to take, lol!

2.75 Aaaand... some more cheating. Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter. How long have I longed for thee?

3. MAC brushes... Who doesn't love these? No particular number really, though I have been eyeing the 188 for quite some time.

4. Dior's Blush Brush - I've heard that it's the absolute best brush for blush, and since I'm a blush-a-holic, then, well, this is right on!

5. Dior Nude Foundation - I have the LE Nude apricot fluid (no, that is not it's real name, lol - it was a primer/highlighter) and I do really like it, so I really want to try this foundation.

6. Dior Airflash Foundation - I'm shade 200. I have one can, but this is my favourite foundation in the whole wide world, and I never want to run out!

7. MAC Paintpot in Bare Study - I have Rubenesque and I love it, but this one would be more suitable for a wider variety of looks.

8. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer - Psssst, mom! You can discreetly check my shade if you go through my stash when I'm sleeping... alright, yes, it might take you the whole night. Just ask me then :)

9. A surprise! I love those out-of-the-blue gifts (last year, I got, among other things, a chocolate-melting-machine, as well as an ice cream machine - I love and use both!). It means someone really went out of their way in order to find something I love, but never would have expected.

This is the end of my list as for now - but of course, being a passionate collector of lipsticks and blushes, really anything of that kind would please me :)

So what would you like? Have you given it a thought this year? Tell me in the comments!

Miss Diorista

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