Friday, December 17, 2010

Shiny, healthy hair for the Holidays!

I have been on the lookout for some great hair products to make my hair shiny and glossy... well, isn't shiny and glossy hair every girls's dream? So after trying out a few products, I finally found something that actually works and gives me exactly what I'm looking for, every single time!

First up, shampoo and conditioner. I am in love with this. It is by John Frieda, from their Brilliant Brunette line, and I got mine in "Chocolate to Espresso". From that, you can obviously tell that I am a brunette, but they also have "Sheer Blonde" and "Radiant Red", so you should be able to find something for your hair colour there. On the tube, it says that this pair both moisturizes, as well as giving you multi-dimensional brunette shine (or blonde, or red, whichever your hair colour is). They also have a pair which says "Enhancing" instead of "Moisturizing", which I have already bought and will try once I run out of the pictured ones.

Yes, they moisturize. Yes, they give you multi-dimensional shine. My hair looks really alive, smells great and seems to have more shades of brown than it had before. This is a pure win. Now, I have to state though, that those do not colour or stain your hair. They don't make your hair any more brown than it is before. It simply takes your hair and adds shine to it, by use of some special "light enhancers". Well, whatever it does, it's working.

So you've got your hair clean, moisturized and shiny. Ready to take it to the next level of shine and glamour? Follow me ;)

Meet the "Glosser" from Toni&Guy. He is prepared to save your life, any day, any time.

I got mine in the "Glosser for all Brunettes" version, they also have one for blondes. I can't find one for red hair (my Flash player is outdated, so their homepage is giving me trouble), but since the brunette one has kind of a reddish undertone to it, you might even be able to use it, if you use just a little. Notice the emphasize on "might", though :)

This is a bronzy, pearly product, and it has a gel-like consistency. I wait until my hair is dry, use a pea-sized amount on a teasing comb, and then I comb it through my hair. Be sure not to use to much, I find that about four "peas" make the right amount for my very thick and rather long hair.
The glosser gives my hair amazing shine, multi-dimensional and just pure, real shine. Only thing you might possibly object to, is that it does have tiny sparkles in it. Now when I say tiny, I really mean tiny. I had to bring my hair under strong light, fetch my glasses and then, after a few minutes of examining my hair, I could see the sparkles, faintly :) This is not something you notice. What you see is just amazing shine.

Here, you have the Glosser for Brunettes. As you can see, it is quite bronzy, but once spread out a bit (on the right), it becomes almost clear (though you can notice a slightly bronzy shade there). The Glosser comes with a really good pump, and the amount you get is 50 ml, or 1.69 US Fl. OZ.
Miss Diorista

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