Monday, December 27, 2010

Candy Cane Bark!

Again, something I didn't find the time to do before Christmas... candy cane bark! There is something so oddly comforting about cuddling up in a huge winter-y sweater on your couch, reading a book and eating a huge peace of candy cane bark. Anyone got the munchies? Read on!

Candy Cane Bark

200 gr chocolate (milk, dark... just pick your fave)
200 gr white chocolate
Crushed up candy canes (I used four of them)

First, melt the regular chocolate, and spread it out on a baking plate, covered with baking paper. Save about two, three teaspoons of the chocolate for later!

Melt the white chocolate, pour it over the regular chocolate. Blend out wiht a fork. You could stop right here, put it in the freezer/refrigerator, break it up into peaces and wrap it up, for a very elegant gift. But we will carry on!

Now, spread the crushed up candy canes over the chocolate. Afterwards, drizzle over all that goodness what is left of the regular chocolate.
Now, put your bark in the freezer/refrigerator (I prefer the refrigerator... maybe just because there is no space in my freezer :). Let it sit there for a few hours. When the bark is ready, you can break it up in peaces. So pretty... and so yummy! Enjoy ;)
Love, Miss Diorista

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