Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cute baking supplies!

This is the "kitchen" part of the "What I got for Christmas". Yes, those were Christmas gifts that I got. People are picking up on the fact that I like to bake :)
So let's start with the Wilton products, shall we?

The big red and green thing that you can see in the background is actually a bite size gingerbread boy mold! How fun! The pan holds 24 gingerbread boys, and you can use it for anything from cake to ice cream. It is made of silicone, so getting your baked (or frozen!) goodies out is easy peasy. Also, the "boys" can be decorated in any way, so the use of this pan is not limited to the holidays. They can for example be served at children's parties, or as a fun snack!
And of course, the cupcake/muffin cases kind of explain themselves. I love them, so cute! I also really love the mini one, I love baking minis!
(You can get all of those items from www.wilton.com, I do not profit from the sales in any way.)

Now, I believe those two items come from www.rexinter.com (or at least, that is what their tags said. I do not profit from sales in any way). How happy can one baker feel, measuring her sugar in those heart-shaped baking spoons?! And the mushroom cupcake cases are beyond beautiful.

I can't wait to bake something with those pretty things, I'll probably post something soon, so stay tuned :)

Love, Miss Diorista


  1. OMG! These are all so adorable! I think my favourite though has to be the mushrooms! So cute! Love them all!


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