Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Small Haul - Bits of This and That

This is just a quick and small haul, just three things I picked up today. Can't wait to try them out, you can expect reviews sometime during the next two weeks.

L-R: This Dual Action Moisturiser from Clean and Clear is oil-free, and as well as moisturizing, it is also supposed to prevent spots. A few weeks ago, some acne started showing up on my forehead, and the last week I've been trying out an acne-fighting product which I will review for you in a week. Well, it's working, so I picked this up so that I can keep the acne at bay after it's gone. We'll see how it works, I'll probably review it in two weeks or so (I always test skin products for at least 2 weeks before reviewing them).

In the middle is a Lip Inflation Extreme by Sally Hansen. I have been wanting to try one of those by Sally Hansen for a long time. I do really like my lips, it's not that :) I just wanted to try and see if those really worked. I picked it in the colour Sheer Berry, which is a beautiful, pink shade.

And last but not least, you see a Colour Boost, or a Hint of a Tint. It's basically a shampoo which is supposed to give your hair a hint of colour... or a hint of a tint, if you prefer :) I picked mine in Chocolate, which is probably a bit darker than my natural hair colour (I guess I´m closer to Mocha) but I don't mind going slightly darker - look forward to seeing how it turns out!

Love, Miss Diorista

P.S. Does anyone know what's wrong with Twitter? I can sign in, but then just nothing shows up? Anyone else having this problem?

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