Friday, January 14, 2011

Vitamin D, Tortillas and "The Plank"!

It's Friday again!
How did the last week go for you all? Mine could have gone worse :) I managed to get 1.5 cup fruits a day almost the whole week, but now it's time for a new week, new challenge and a new recipe!

Challenge: The Plank
What you want to do, every day this week (if you're beginning exercising for the first time, or after a long break, you might want to choose every other day), is to get in this position here:
Keep your back straight and squeeze your abs! Stay up like that, on your elbows, for 30 seconds the first two days, then one minute the next three days, and for the last two days, you will try 90 seconds. It's harder than it seems ;) However, if you find this too easy or too hard, simply adjust the time to what you can handle - be careful not to overdo it!
Recipe of the week: Tortillas!
This is my favourite way of eating Mexican food - it's yummy, healthy and quick. Plus, you can adjust it to what you like. Enjoy ;)
*Whole Wheat Tortillas, as many as needed (about 1-3 per person)
*1 T olive oil
*500 g ground beef
*Mushrooms - I used about 15 of them
*A teeny tiny bit of butter
*Oregano (didn't measure, sorry! Just add little by little, you can always add but you can't take out!)
*Salt - just a little bit!
*Mexican spice blend, if you like
*Veggies of your choice - I love cucumbers and bell peppers for this
*Salsa Sauce
*Beans - any kind, I used pinto beans
Heat up the olive oil in a frying pan, and cook the beef. When slightly brown, add your spices, stir and cook until ready.
Chop your mushrooms, and fry them in the butter. Mix those in your beef.
Chop the veggies. You can cook those too, but I prefer them raw.
Now, it's time to put your dinner together :) There are a few ways for folding a tortilla, but I like to gather the filling in the middle (top picture). Then I fold two opposite sides of the tortilla over the filling:
And finally, I fold the other two sides.
It's really easy to hold the tortilla in your hands when you fold it this way.

And finally, a few words on Vitamin D:
Why do you need Vitamin D?
Vitamin D helps your body use calcium, which is hugely important for your bones. It also helps your heart muscle perform at its best, thus keeping your heart healthy.
Where do I get Vitamin D?
Well, Vitamin D isn't called "The Sunshine Vitamin" for nothing. One way of getting this vitamin into your system, is by exposing yourself to sunshine for a short time. However, you don't want too much sunshine because of risk of skin cancer, so you should make sure that you include food like eggs, oatmeal, milk, tuna and sweet potatoes in your diet. You can also take a supplement.
So, that's it for this week! Good luck with the challenge, and getting your vitamin D!
Miss Diorista
P.S. The Plank picture is from Other pictures are my own (I know because I ate that tortilla myself - it tasted amazing!)


  1. The plank looks like ... ouch!!! =) good luck

  2. :) Yes, it is a bit *ouch* at first... but you get used to it and see great results very quickly - it's the best to shape your abs!


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