Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy 17th of June!

It's the 17th of June, Iceland's National Day!
I went downtown today, to celebrate, and to my own surprise, I remembered to bring my camera with me. I snapped a few pictures of the festival, please enjoy!

 The Icelandic flag was everywhere, of course!

Artists performing outside.

 An engine of an antique car... I have something to admit... I don't only have a passion for lipsticks, blushes and poems - I have a secret love for cars! I know nothing about them, I don't spends hours online finding out about new models... but when I see a beautiful car, I can hardly take my eyes off her! And yes, to me, a car is a "she"!
There was a lot of old cars downtown today... lucky me! I wouldn't bore you with all the pictures I took, but I had to share at least some ;)

Elvis Presley sure hangs on tight!

That one wasn't afraid of heights!

 I wasn't up for candy floss, so I picked this lollipop instead - it's a pink, striped heart, what can I say! My polish is OPI's Need Sunglasses? which I bought just recently, and I'm loving it!

 This lady was cherishing the patriotic side of things, in an old all-Icelandic costume. A few people were dressed like this (more this year than I've seen before, actually), and it always warms my heart a bit to see the beautiful, traditional clothing. I've worn such a thing once myself, and I really enjoyed it.

 A view over the Pond (Tjörnin) in central Reykjavík.
Care for a swing? I've never seen such a huge, scary swing before!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted for some time. I was travelling with my family to Mjóifjörður, which is a fjord in the eastern part of Iceland, a ten hour drive from Reykjavík. It was lovely and absolutely beautiful, I'll be sharing pictures as soon as I can! And you can also be expecting some more beauty posts soon - I have so many planned out, that I need to get some of them just out of the way!

Miss Diorista


  1. Wow! I love all the pictures you've taken here! It's so neat to see parts of Iceland! (Also absolutely loving that lollipop!)

  2. @Hebridean Sprite - It was yummy, too!

  3. Great pictures! And I've been meaning to get the Need Sunglasses polish! Such a fun shade :)

  4. @Kayleigh Rose - Thanks! I love the colour, but the formula is so sheer... will review soon. But I can put up with it for the fun colour!


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