Friday, October 15, 2010

MAC - Venomous Villains!

It's finally here! The Venomous Villains Collection by MAC has landed in Iceland - and it is selling out quicker than quick, so if any Icelandic ladies are reading, I would recommend hurrying over to MAC's!
As a collector, I try to buy at least one item from every collection MAC releases - but this time I just couldn't stop myself and got three ;) So you guys wanna see? I know it's late for a VV haul, but still, I want to show you, I have been waiting for this collection for so long!

The bag... there is something so exciting about a bag full of MAC products... makes you feel all warm inside, lol!

The packaging. I really love the villain drawings on there!

The inside of the packaging - I couldn't resist taking a picture, I'm a collector... all the way, inside and out!

And, the products themselves! To the left is Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth and Light (the lighter shade). The artist in the shop put this on my face while I was there, and she completely sold it to me - it feels so cool on your skin, like liquid... like magic!
The lipglass is Hot House, a deep beautiful raspberry colour with shimmer. So pretty. Love it!
However, the blush was the only product which I knew from the start that I just had to buy! It is the Bite of an Apple... and what a beautiful, beautiful colour. I have quite a few blushes, yet I have nothing like this. I actually got the last one they had, couldn't have been any happier!
A closer look of the Bite of an Apple blush - it is the most beautiful matte, coral pink. Very pigmented, I think I will have to use a light hand with this one!

And of course, some swatches for you! They kind of explain themselves, but just for reference: The blush is to the left (it is coming out a bit orange, in real life it is way more pink), in the middle is the Magically Cool Liquid Powder (yes, it is that shimmery. I plan on using it as a highlight, I think) and finally, you see the Hot House lipglass.
Did you get anything from this gorgeous collection? I'm really loving my stuff, can't get enough of it and I'm so glad that I got there before everything had sold out!
Miss Diorista
P.S. I got the LinkWithin now - a big thank-you to Hebridean Sprite for the help! I just put it up, though, and it is giving me a bit of an attitude. Please excuse that, I hope that it will fix once it has settled a bit better. If it won't, I will contact LinkWithin and figure it out :)

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