Thursday, October 14, 2010

Give back - and 50th post!

The Icelandic Pink Ribbon 2010. Image from

This is the 50th post on my blog! So I felt like it had to be something special... and what would be better than giving back?

Obviously, it is October and October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
You can support the cause in many ways, one of which is buying a pink ribbon. Above, you see the Icelandic version of the pink ribbon (there are two for the year 2010, this is the more luxurious one). It is designed by Ragnheiður I. Margeirsdóttir, you can check out her webpage here.
Various companies also offer products which you can buy, and then they give a certain amount of money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Clinique is one of those companies, here you can see their famous Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, that is, the "pink" version of it:

Esteé Lauder is also taking part, and here is one of the things they offer in a "pink" version. Image from

You know the pink ribbon, right? Well, what about this shoe?! Don't you love it? Image from

Please let today's good deed be donating a tiny bit to some good cause. Doesn't have to be the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, just take your pick and give a little bit. Everything counts.




  1. Love the post! Especially am lusting after that shoe how cool! It's also depression awareness month so I know I'm going to try and do a post about that (or at least one that links to Scrangie's awesome one) to raise awareness about that too. I think it's just so important to raise awareness about issues such as breast cancer and depression. Without awareness none of us can go forward. Great post!

  2. Thanks! I didn't know that it was also depression awareness month - will def be reading your post on it.


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