Monday, October 4, 2010

Upcoming MAC Collections!

Have you realized how many collections are coming out these days over at MAC's? Wow. My wallet is in pain... But that's the way it's supposed to be, right? :)

First of all, A Tartan Tale is just to die for. I can't wait for the collection to launch! I love Scotland and everything Scottish, so I'll probably go slightly crazy... just slightly. Don't worry! (Who am I kidding - worry here! Worry now!)

Also, I'm still waiting for Venomous Villains to arrrive to my MAC store. It still isn't there! I want that what-was-it's-name-again-Apple blush so bad! It is destined to be mine :)

On to the holiday collections, oh my!

MAC and Marcel Wanders Team are teaming up for a collection in November, it looks amazing. I want that Sheer Mystery Powder!

Also, Peacocky Collection, Stylishly Yours and Cham-pale... I'm really anticipating the pics for those!

Head over to Temptalia for further details. Also, Hebridean Sprite has some pretty good swatches from the Tartan Tale collection (thanks for those, by the way. I love the Starry Sky one!)

Ok. It is clear now. I'm going straight to my bank and getting a loan. See you in a few :)

Miss Diorista


  1. lol so cute! I'm crazy excited for these too! I'm making lists and trying to foresee what will sell out quick and what won't so I can ask for things for my upcoming b-day and of course x-mas both in december. The moonlight night pigment does look lovely! I'm really excited for The Family Crest pigment for some reason, never was interested in neutrals before but now, come to Spritey! Till next time *hugz*

  2. Oh my! I so know what you mean! I ordered four things from VV & two of them got backordered. :( I'm excited for the Marcel collection!

  3. Ack, it's such a dilemma! I spent a ton of money on VV, but I adore Tartan Tale too! The tins the makeup is in look so freaking cute, so I know I'm going to need to haul that collection too.

  4. Lol, I see we´re all pretty much facing the same problems here!


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