Sunday, October 10, 2010

OPI - Russian Navy

I bought this polish a few weeks ago, in summer actually, but never got around wearing it until now. So since it's a rather dark shade, I thought it would be perfect for fall, right? Enjoy my mini-review :)

Here you can see the polish. Yes, it is that dark, almost looks black (though you can see the blue tone to it, right?). It is actually the darkest shade I own, so it was quite a shock for me when I first put it on, especially after all the pink polishes I wore in summer! However, once I had got used to it a bit, I came to really enjoy it. It looks sophisticated, not quite black, but close. It is blue, very dark blue, with a hint of purple shimmer to it (this is the plain Russian Navy, not the Suede one, which has more glitter, and not the matte one). The only disappoint I had was that I would have wanted the purple shimmer to show up a bit more... However, this does not change the fact that I really like this polish.

The formula was very good as with other OPIs I've tried, didn't take too long to dry and was neither too thick nor too thin. Completely opaque with two coats, but since this is a really dark polish, you might actually like one coat better, which gives you a more blue tone to things. However, I was up for some darkness ;)

The polish didn't start chipping until after about four days, but of course, being a dark colour, it was rather tough to get off, and even left a slightly blue shade on my nails afterwards. However, I do love the colour so much that this will not stop me from wearing it this winter!

Miss Diorista


  1. Pretty! I just got a colour similar to that too. I love dark nails for fall. (how do you keep your cuticles looking so nice? I struggle with mine all the time)

  2. Thanks! I am also starting to appreciate darker polishes... I've never worn them to any degree before! I wish I could tell you some big cuticle secret, but I don't really take care of them... Sometimes, though, I use a cuticle pen by Alessandrio. It is really moisturizing and feels nice. I should do it more often, though ;)


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