Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bobbi Brown - Denim and Rose Palette

I'm kind of late with this, aren't I? Well, I do have an excuse. I just got it about a week ago (it does have its benefits living here, because LE makeup doesn't sell out really quickly!) and I wanted to give it a bit of a try before reviewing it. So sorry for how late this is coming, but please enjoy!

This is what the palette looks like on the inside. You have one blush, four eyeshadows, two lipsticks and two lipglosses. It has a mirror of nice quality.

Here you can see the palette when it is closed. It is a really neat design, the denim is real and the zipper is pretty nice, too. Also, this is small enough to be taken on a trip, or to throw in your purse. Bonus: It won't open when it's not supposed to open, because of the zipper!
Now on to swatches and product reviews!
First up is the dark eyeshadow, which looks blue in the pan, but comes out black with blue glitter. Hum. Kind of disappointing. However, I do like it for some reason. Really pigmented, though slightly patchy sometimes.
Next to the dark one is the pink, granite, glittery one. It is really beautiful, though there is quite a bit of fallouts to it. Can be layered over other colours for some 'bling'!
Yep, that strange swatch there is the grey one. It gave me a really hard time when I was swatching, and is really, really patchy. However, it is a true grey and is good for some basic shading. Not very pigmented, as you can probably see.
I tried to swatch the lightest e/s, and it is there. It just doesn't show up on my very fair skin... so just know that it is a very light colour. I can use it for highlights, though, and for matting out my eyelids when not using any e/s.
Finally, you should be able to see the blush below the e/s swatches. Sorry how faint the swatch is, no matter how much I piled on there, it wouldn't show up any better than this! But that put aside, the blush is my favourite from this palette. It is a matte blush, but still gives me such a beautiful... glow. Really. And I'm not even a real fan of matte blushes! I would definetely buy this one if it was to be released as a single.

On those two pictures, you see the lip products. They are all very nice, stay on for a decent amount of time, and are rather pigmented.
First, you should see the icy gloss on the bottom. It can be worn alone, though I prefer it over lipstick.
Above that is the lighter lipstick, which feels more like tinted lipbalm to me. Not a very pigmented lippie, but the colour is pretty and a bit shimmery.
See that pink lipgloss? I love it. Just have to say it. I love it. It is a perfect pink, not too bright, but still adds a bit of pop to things!
The top swatch is my favourite lip product from the palette, though. It is a lipstick (the darker one from the palette) and it is just so beautiful. Really the perfect fall colour.
O, and yes. The glosses are slightly sticky. Nothing which bothers me, though.

Another picture, to kind of show you the colours a bit better.
So, what do I think overall? Well, if you like the colours, then this is a pretty good travel palette. Despite being patchy and having fallouts, the eyeshadows are rather good, and you can do beautiful day and night looks with them. The blush is gorgeous, and the lip products have something for everyone, I think. So if you can still find this one anywhere, I would recommend that you go get it!
Miss Diorista.

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