Sunday, October 17, 2010

Small Nivea Haul

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I am a blush-a-holic. I will never have too many, and I keep buying them... and I love all of them. However, some get used more than others, of course, and one blush which I really love is Nivea's Stay Real Blush by Chantal Thomass. I had the one in Secret Rose, and I loved it, but it got stolen. So I went and tried to buy another one, but since that shade was sold out, I got the other one instead, which is Fever Pink (a few days later, I came across Secret Rose in another store! So now I have it again). I also picked up one other item.
Here you can see the two products. The blush is Stay Real Blush by Chantal Thomass, in Fever Pink (which is a more pink shade than Secret Rose, which is... more rosy :). It is really pretty, has a satin tone to it, like the Secret Rose. I still like Secret Rose a bit better, though.

The other product is Loose Powder in Pure Diamond, which is basically a highlighter, to be used on your cheekbones, your eyes, or anywhere else where you want a brightening efect. It supposedly has pure diamond powder in it... It is quite glittery, but not overly so, and I would therefore only use it for special and very "glamourous" occasions. I do imagine that it would make a good e/s, especially when used wet (think Fix + or something like that).

Some swatches for you. I swatched the Diamond Powder twice... just felt like it ;)


  1. Hey Guðrún, I love the blush! It's so cute, and the satin finish looks lovely :) Nivea cosmetics aren't available where I live unfortunately, we only have skincare and lipbalms.

  2. I love the blush too, the other shade (secret rose) is one of my favourite blushes! No Nivea cosmetics? I though they were worldwide? Well, we don't have NARS, Smashbox or Benefit, so I feel your pain!


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