Sunday, October 10, 2010

September Hits!

Yes, I know that it's the tenth of October... but I still really want to do my September favourites, so I decided to just forget the calendar for a few minutes! Please turn all forgetful with me, will ya?

First of all, you see Sprinsheen blush by MAC. Do I love this. I wore nothing else the first two weeks after I got this. I absolutely love this. Did I tell you how much I love this blush?

The little pink pot is a concealer, the Erase Paste by Benefit. I'm in the lightest shade, nr. 1. This is a really creamy concealer, stays on all day and covers really well. Yes, it does crease a little bit, but I can live with that :)

And the powder you see is also by Benefit, the Hello Flawless! It is a powder which is supposed to cover like a foundation. I really love this. It covers up pretty decently, and feels good. I'm in the shade "Gee, I'm swell, SHELL". Only downfall is that I am going through this pretty quickly... on the other hand, I have been using it almost every day for about two months now, so maybe that's why I'm seeing pan already!

Here, you see the... long things. Yeah. Good explanation of my behalf, wasn't it? Okay then, Miss Diorista. Let´s see your long things!
First up is my favourite mascara so far, the Voluminous by L'Oréal. This is just beyond words, makes my lashes long and lush, doesn't clump and is very black. I don't like it when mascaras say "black", but come out looking all gray. This one says black, and is black.
The brush is an e/s blender by The Body Shop. Sure, it's a good blender, but the reason it's here, is that it is a great brush for creating subtle shadows for an everyday look. If you just want that extra depth/emphasize on your eyes, without it looking like you have any eyeshadow on, then this is your brush. Love it, have been using it constantly.
Yes, I've been on an eye-lining rush lately... the first one is by Clinique, a Cream Shaper for Eyes in 103, called Egyptian. It is a beautiful kind of khaki green colour. Really dark though, and looks black once on. Just not quite as harsh, which I why I love it. Also really creamy, so to prevent smudging, I would set it with some dark e/s.
The white eyeliner is by Sisley, it is a Kohl eyeliner, in Snow. Has some subtle shimmer to it, and is just a dream. Creamy enough to be used on your waterline, yet doesn't smudge. However, it is also creamy enough to be used under your brow as a highlight... so this is a wonderproduct, I'm telling you! Creamy when it has to be and non-creamy when it is supposed to be exactly that! Lol!
The last long thing I've got to show you is a Velvet Eyeliner from GOSH, in 01 Blue Moon. It is a beautiful blue colour. Not a bright blue, just... the perfect blue. I love it! Adds some bling to your eyes without being too overpowering!

Here are some swatches for you guys. On top is the Springsheen blush, then the eyeliners. First is Egyptian, then Sisley Snow, finally the GOSH one.
So, what have you been loving for the month of September? Please tell me, I'd love to know!
And leave any requests for product reviews in the comments ;)
Miss Diorista

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