Sunday, October 10, 2010

OPI - Summer Flutter Minis!

How delightful to be enjoying the peek of summer... what? Whoa. Hold on! It´s not summer? What? It´s autumn?! No! That can't be! I don't believe you ;)

Yep. I seem to be doing a series of "late" posts... it's not on purpose, though. I promise :)

So the other day, I got my first OPI minis! They came four together, and yes, they are summer colours. But who cares? They're fun and pretty!

First of all, don´t you just love the supercute green packaging? You might have noticed that I love the colour green (my blog design is a little hint for you!) so this packaging is right up my alley!

And here you have the four little cuties! They are, from the left:

Flower-to-Flower, a bright pink with a hint of shimmer.
Flit a bit, a bright orange, cream.
Wing-it! a rather bright reddish pink, with ToNs of glitter and shimmer!
Catch Me in Your Net, a blue teal colour (who'm I kidding, teal is blue!) with the same ton of glitter and shimmer. This one might be my favourite of the fabulous four...

I have yet to try these out, wearing another one at the moment, but I do expect them to be of the same great quality as the other OPIs I have. I'll let you know!

So, how are you feeling in your grandmother´s trousers these days? Liking those colours? I most certainly am :) July, I'm on my way!

Miss Diorista

P.S. I asked you guys a few days ago, but nobody answered, so I'm asking again, since techonology and computers mixed with MissDiorista is just bound to fail... How do I get that "You might also like..." under my posts? I would be so grateful if you could help me out, I've looked for it everywhere (literally, even under my bed... it wasn't there...) and I can't find it!


  1. The app is called linkwithin. Under the pictures/posts in a corner is a linkwithin text click that and it'll bring you to their site. You can sign-up for free and they provide you with a code or something really simple to add. It's all explained rather well. HTH!

  2. Thanks so much for this :) But under which pictures/posts? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just really not the best at finding things!


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